Ayurveda and Yoga India Tour


The  knowledge of healthy life , the wisdom of being with nature by using the nature and natural products for healthy lifestyle, the deep knowledge of all herbs, plants and leaves and roots, roots existing on earth is Ayurveda. World’s oldest healing system , World’s oldest knowledge available to human beings for treating diseases, both of body and mind is Ayurveda which practised in India from thousands of years and now admired and adopted by global citizens.

The great teachers , Acharya Sushruta and Acharya Charak had made this science popular. The specialists of Ayurvedic medicines are called ‘Vaidya’ which means a person who knows well  the reason of ailment and the solution  to the disease. Very popular in India since the beginning of modern history, every village had and has even today the Ayurvedic specialists helping people to lead a healthy life. Ayurveda not only teaches us about the medicinal value of plants and herbs but it explains us and calls upon the people to adopt a pure life devoid of mental and physical pollution.

Some untreatable diseases which we found recently have been mentioned in old Ayurveda texts and there are solutions of dealing with these problems even thousands of years ago before the advent of modern science , the Ayurveda talked about the modern diseases like Diabetes and Depression, Cancer has been talked in detail in old Ayurveda texts and even today the modern doctors practising Allopathy medicine have been using the Ayurvedic medicines in treating Cancer and they have found very encouraging results among the patients, the modern medicines suppress the symptoms of disease thereby providing relief by medicines whereas Ayurveda is interested more in finding the root cause of the problem and removing it from the body for ever. At present the Acharya of Patanjali Ayurveda – ‘Swami Ramdev JI Maharaj’ is a great knowledgeable saint of the Ayurveda and he has taken Ayurveda to all the countries and all the corners of the earth.


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