Best Places to Visit in Jaipur India

Top 10 Places to Visit in Jaipur, Rajasthan

The popular places to visit Jaipur. List of top  attractions in pink city jaipur. Jaipur – Pink city, palaces & forts, with elaborate architecture resplendent of their royal heritage.

jaipur aamer fort tour1 . Amer Fort:- The one place that every tourist would love to visit in Jaipur is the Amer Fort. Amer was the capital of the till the year 1727 when the capital shifted form Amer to Jaipur. This magnificent fort is situated on a hill which overlooks the pink city. This is an absolute masterpiece of ancient Hindu architecture and very well displays the courage and chivalry of the Maharajas of Jaipur. Since the fort is on a hill, the tourists just love to cover that distance by riding in elephants because the Maharajas of Jaipur used to travel from and to the fort in the same manner. The carvings and the paintings on the walls and domes look absolutely stunning!


2. City Palace Meuseum:- After Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh 2nd shifted his capital from Amber to Jaipur, he built a ravishing palace which is till present the home to the erstwhile royal family of Jaipur. A part of the palace complex has been converted into a museum and other the other part of the palace is the home to the royal family. This palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in India. The complex is divided into series of courtyards, sprawling gardens and marvellous paintings. The museum houses some of the elaborate costumes once adorned by the erstwhile Royal Family of Jaipur. One can also visit the weapons that were once used by the Rulers of Jaipur.

Jantar Mantar jaipur tour
3. Jantar Mantar:– The Astronomical Observatory:- One can visit forts, palaces, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries anywhere in India but one unique place is found in Jaipur is Jantar which is an astronomical observatory, a UNSECO world heritage site still in function. Built in 1727 by the learned Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh 2nd is a testimony to Hindu masonry and architecture. The ‘Samrata Yantra’ sun dials giving time precisions up to 2 seconds, the all beautiful ‘Jayaprakash Yantra’ giving the exact position of the planets, the altitude and azimuth angle of the sun , the ascendance of the sun and it’s position among the 12 zodiacs signs can be observed at any time during the day.

Gaitor Jaipur tour

4. Gaitor:- The Cenotaphs Of Maharajas:- This place does not find it’s place the regular tourist itinerary visiting Jaipur. But this is something which the admirers of architecture and fine art must visit. Even an ordinary tourist can enhance his vision of art by visiting this place. The Cenotaphs are constructed in white marble,very exquisitely carved pillars and interior domes depict the fine figures of dancers, musicians and hunting scenes. The cenotaphs of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh 2nd , Maharaja Madho Singh are a beautiful treat to the eyes.

Albert Hall Museum jaipur tour

5. Albert Hall Museum:- This beautiful 5 story building was constructed to commemorate the visit of His Royal Highness Prince Albert of England to Jaipur. The building is a fine blend of different shades of several architectures. Indo – saracenic , pure Hindu , pure English architecture glimpses are available. On the walls of the galleries, quotations from religious texts and poetic world are displayed by inlay marble work. The museum gives a fairly good idea of life and it’s nature in this part of the country.

Jagat Shiromani Temple jaipur tour

6. Jagat Shiromani Temple:- This beautiful temple, held in high esteem by the historians is not frequently seen. The temple is located in the old town of Amber and can be reached from the backside of the Amber fort. Constructed in the memory of one of the prince of Amber who died prematurely by the then Maharani of Amber. The temple has a very decorative ‘Toran Dwara’ entrance which is a fine example of marble carving. Inside the temple, there is the idol of Lord Krishna which is the same idol that was worshipped by the famous Krishna devotee, saint and poetess – ‘Mirabai’.

Govind Devji Temple jaipur tour

7. Govind Devji Temple:- This ancient temple of Radha Krishna which popularly known as Govind Devji temple is the centre of faith, prayer and devotion of Jaipurites. The statues of the Radha Govinda were originally in Vrindavan but when the atrocities of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb increased and as they were destroying the temple, the statues were brought to Jaipur. The Royal Fmily of Jaipur accorded the status to Govind Devji as the real rulers of Jaipur and even to this date, all the work of the royal family is carried out in the name of Govind Devji.

Birla Temple jaipur tour

8. Birla Temple:– Laxmi Narayan Mandir:- This beautiful temple constructed in white marble is not very old yet a visit to this place is soul soothing. The visitors acquaint themselves with the breadth and depth of Hindu religion and philosophy. Nowhere in the world , any mosque or church has given place to the respected figures of another religion but this is a salute to this temple and the all encompassing Hindu religion tha the statues of Christ, Mother Marry and some prophets have found a place over there. The life size beautiful statues of Lord Vishnu and Laxmi are a rare site to behold.

Nahargarh Fort jaipur tour

9. Nahargarh Fort:- The old name of this fort is ‘ Sudarshan Garh’ which is equally popular as the tiger fort .Watching the city of Jaipur from the fort is a great experience. The fort has nine independent small palaces each one constructed for a queen are very finely painted. The small palaces give and idea of standard of living in those days. There is a restaurant where food is very delicious. This is a very good sunset watching point of Jaipur.

Galta Tample Jaipur tour

10. Galta Tample:- Situated just at the outskirts of Jaipur, this pilgrimage place has a history of several sanctuaries. Named after the saint ‘Galav’ who meditated here and was instrumental in creating a water stream which is incessantly flowing here from the mountains even today. There are two sacred points where the pilgrims take bath . Galta is counted amongst important pilgrim centres of Hindus and people visiting Jaipur come to this place to bathe and offer prayers at the Sun Temple, Gyan Gopal temple, Ram Kumar temple and other places.


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