Birla Mandir – Delhi Tourism, Birla Mandir temple best place to visit in Delhi

Birla Mandir - Delhi Tourism. Birla Mandir temple is one of the best place to visit in Delhi


The Laxmi – Narayan Temple in Delhi also known by the name of Birla Temple is the centre of spiritual vibrations in Delhi. The power of the positivity attracts the people to this place. The temple is dedicated to Lord Narayana , the creator of the world and the sustainer and his divine power as consort Goddess Laxmi, the deity of wealth, prosperity and well – being. This temple has acquired a very important place among the visitors, the foreigners and the natives as well. Normally the foreigners start their journey in India from Delhi and a visit is included in their city tour itinerary which helps them in a great way to understand the spiritual and religious depth of the Hindu religion. For them this is an introduction to Hinduism. There are several other deities which are present there. One salient feature of the temple is that the quotations, the words of wisdom which have been written on the temple walls and which describe the nature of Hinduism. One can learn a lot and start an holistic life just by the inspiration which is available at the temple. Constructed by the premier industrialist family of India – The Birlas who hail from Rajasthan and are known all over India for their social works of benevolence and charity. Every day religious discourses take place in the gardens of the temple and the adjoining halls. Renowned philosophers and scholars come there to speak on variety of subjects like religion,it’s concept, it’s necessity and human nature and behaviour. While visiting the temple the visitor can feel the pious atmosphere which helps in soothing the agitated mind. The objective of Hindu religion, universal love, non – violence, respect for nature and for all it’s creation has been aptly described here. People carry the flowers, garland and incense sticks as a mark of respect to Lord Lakshmi – Narayana. The priests give the sacred water with Basel and a ‘Tika’ of saffron and sandalwood or vermillion which is put on the forehead. The temple is one of the best known address at Delhi and anyone can guide a visitor to this place which is open from 4: 30 AM till 1: 30 PM except for afternoon hours of 1:30 to 3:30. One magnificent temple of Lord Laxmi – Narayan in pure white marble of great architectural beauty has been constructed in Jaipur by the Birla Family.




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