Gangaur festival royal celebration in Jaipur Rajasthan India

Gangaur festival in Jaipur Rajasthan India

GANGAUR -: This is human nature to expect and aspire good things in life, a stable life, a happy life and as the life forwards with the time, a happy married life is also expected and solicited. This is the dream and hope of the young Indian girls to hope and pray for a understanding and loving husband and a happy married life. The festival of Gangaur has been in society for centuries which reminds us that family love and positive atmosphere in homes is the foundation of a successful married life. Young Indian girls pray the Goddess Parvati known as ‘Gaura’ along with Lord Shiva to bless them with a complacent husband and loving children.

Gangaur festival royal celebration in Jaipur Rajasthan IndiaThe married woman worship the Goddess Gaura for the continuity of happiness in their life. The festival of Gangaur is celebrated mainly for two days. It comes in the last Hidnu calendar month of ‘Falguna’ and on the 2nd day of the first moon ‘Sinjara’ is celebrated, women put on their best costumes and jewellery, beautiful decorated hands with Henna and sing and pray for family happiness. The next day which is the 3rd mounting moon, the main festival is celebrated. In every house, women alone and in groups worship the Goddess Parvati, delectable food is prepared. In Jaipur this festival has been a great tourist attraction for many decades. People from around the globe come to watch the ceremonial procession which is carried with great pomp and show in the streets of Jaipur. Beautifully decorated elephants camels, chariots, bull karts, cannon carriers, musical bands parade through the main street of Jaipur. Thousands of foreign tourists are present each year to witness this unique ceremonial procession and tradition.

A special pavilion is prepared from where the tourists can watch the procession in a comfortable manner. This is a great photo taking opportunity as well. Most of the travel magazines and travel guides necessarily keep a photo of this festival. The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and Ministry of Tourism Rajasthan make excellent arrangements for the visitors for enjoying the festivals. A special sweet cake called ‘Ghewar’ is one of the flavours of the festival of Gangaur. Thousands of villagers, with their beautiful turbans and dresses add glare and glory to the festival. One has to be at the tourist pavilion and in the streets of Jaipur to have a real feel of the festival Gangaur.

Gangaur Festival Royal Celebration in Jaipur Rajasthan India. Plan a Trip to Royal Rajasthan.

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