Gujarat Tourism – Top Tourist Places in Gujarat

Gujarat Tourism : Top Tourist places in Gujarat

Gujarat is a state in western part of India. It is one of the state of India which has desert, sea, mountains, plains ; everything is on the platter of Gujarat to serve the world. Although it impossible to list all the attractions of this versatile state, here is a list of all major tourist attractions of Gujarat.

• Ahmedabad: Largest city of Gujarat. It is as live as the culture of Gujrat. It is dream destination of every tourist during Navratri festival. During those 9 days of Navratri, this city becomes a character in itself. People flaunting their colorful dresses, the joy of soul by showcasing dancing skills of dandia/garba in front of Goddess Durga. Beautiful city on the banks of Sabarmati river. It is at the distance of 30 km from Gandhinagar; state capital of Gujrat.

• Akshardham Temple: Akshardham temple is situated at the Gandhinagar, capital of Gujarat. This temple is constructed by the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha from the inspiration of its former head Pramukh Swami. This temple is considered as the most beautiful structure in all Gandhinagar. A research center AARSH( Akshardham Center for Applied Research in Social Harmony) has been established in the temple premises which illuminates the ideology of social harmony followed by BAPS. Swaminarayan is supreme deity worshipped in this temple. The word “Akshardham” means the ultimate location of every soul.

• Ambaji Temple: Amba Ji temple is a shaktipeeth, it is believed that this is the place where heart of Sati fell. Amba ji temple is near to hill station Mount Abu in Banskantha district of Gujarat state of India, Mount Abu is a very popular tourist destination of Rajasthan. Amba Ji temple is listed among the most prominent shrine of Goddess Durga. To the limits of amazement unlike most Hindu temples there is no deity or picture of any figure in this temple, only a gold plated convex shaped back of kurma(turtle) with 51 bijmantra on it. Garba hill is the most beautiful place to celebrate the festival of navratri as a whole corridor is contructed for people to perform parikrma while performing garba.

• Diu: Clean water, virgin beaches, mesmerizing nature makes this place a perfect getaway destination. Apart from beaches this place is known for fortress & catherdrals of Portuguese culture. There are many places to explore the beauty of this place. Fort of Diu was so fortified by the Portuguese that it never tasted defeat even after many attacks of numerous invaders. In 1961 it was merged into the Union of India as the union territory of Indian government. Nearest railway station from Diu is Verawal which is 90 kms, public transport, taxis are easily available from Verawal, Junagarh, Rajkot, Somanath Temple.

•Dwarikadhish Temple: As the word, Dwarikadhish suggests King of Dwarika. This temple is devoted to Lord Krishna playing the role of King of Dwarika. This temple is proved to be around 2500 years old in an archeological research but folklores & Hindu mythology finds this temple 5500 years old. This is one of the 4dhaam( 4 main scared places of Hindus), it is believed that this temple of Lord Krishna is in his eternal form. This temple is of the 5-storey building standing on 70 pillars. It is believed that this temple was built by the grandson of Lord Krishna Vajranabha on the banks of Gomti river in the city of Dwarika- capital of Lord Krishna’s kingdom. During the time of Mahabharata, this kingdom was counted in the mightiest kingdoms of all time. The flag on the main building has the signs of sun & moon which represent the infinity of Lord Krishna’s name on earth, in other words, it depicts that the name of Lord Krishna will rule till the sun & moon in the sky are shining. Near to this temple, there are many small temples & it makes home to a large number of saints. Dwarika is well connected to all major cities of Gujarat via roads & railways; direct trains runs from all major cities of India. Embracing this temple fills people with a sense of respect to that golden era of history. Hare Krishna

• Gir national park: Gir National Park is one of the top reason to visit Gujrat. This is the only place in India to witness mighty Asiatic lions in their natural habitat. People from across globe visit this magnificent park to embrace the beauty of the biggest cat. This national park gets its name from the Gir mountain range which is a holy place for Hindus as well as Jains, The Gir mountain range is older than the glorious Himalayas. Daily trains from Junagarh, Veraval, Delwada makes reaching this nationalpark very easy; although Gir is well connected to all Gujarat via roads also but train is considered as the best way to reach here. Nearest airport is Keshod but well connected airport is Diu(160 km).

• Laxmi Vilas Palace: Laxmi Vilas Palace is the home of the former royal family of the princely state of Baroda. Nowadays some part of this little jewel is opened for tourists &has been converted into a museum. There are many antiques placed in the museum which are very rare & worth gazing at. A miniature train is parked in this beautiful palace which was used to carry workers from their residences to the palace. The artwork on red stone, blue marble is astonishing. Every inch of this beautiful palace is an example of ultimate craftsmanship & royalty.

• Marine National Park: It is very unique in nature as it is one of its own kind in Gujarat. It is home to a large number of marine species especially coral. It is situated at the Gulf of Kutch in the Dwarika district of Gujarat.

• Modhera Sun Temple: Modhera Sun Temple is situated on the banks of Pushpavati river in Modhera village of Mehsana district of Gujarat state in India. This temple is one of the ancient temples dedicated to Sun God. Like Konark Sun temple this temple also has the great architectural significance at the time of dawn sunlight falls directly on the statue of Sun in this temple.

• Rann of Kacch: The great Rann of Kacch is the most visited place in the state of Gujarat. It is the largest salt marshmallow of the world which got its name after the Kutchi tribe of Gujrat. Full moon night is the time when it can be crowned as the world’s most beautiful place. People just fall in love with the view on full moon night.Rann of kutch is a salt marsh in Thar desert. Rann of Kutch is one of the oldest known deserts to mankind, the conquest of Alexander The Great also had the maps of this desert. Apart from its mesmerizing beauty, 107 days long Kutch festival makes this destination more beautiful. During this festival vibrant color of the culture of local people seems like a canvas with Rann of Kutch playing the white background. The kite festival is magnificent in Rann of Kutch. Colorful kites flying high in the sky over the horizon of white portrays a very beautiful picture. A tent city is established in between of Rann to accommodate the tourists. Living in these tents in between of nowhere is a unique experience. Rann is getting hot tourist destination with its offbeat sunrise & sunset views. Bhuj is the nearest city to this place which is well connected to all Major parts of the country via air, rail & road. Local transport options are available for people to reach Rann from Bhuj.



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