Happy Independence Day of India

A great story of Incredible India

A great story of Incredible India

Happy Independence day of India – Celebration of 70th Independence day  of India. This 15th of August 2017, Indians will celebrate their 70th Independence day, a perfect figure and a perfect position of a democratic country. 70 year ago when our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru hoisted the Indian flag known as Tiranga(tricolour) at the Red Fort in Delhi. He described the Indian Independence  as a ‘Tryst with Destiny’. He also said when “when world sleeps, India is awake” as he was addressing the people at midnight of 15th  August 1947 , and all these 70 years of Independent living have been genuine tryst with destiny and India since then has made it’s destiny and is working hard to make it’s destiny shining solidly. This story about the Incredible India freedom.Happy-Independence-day-Celebration-india

Happy Independence day Celebration

The Independence Day of India becomes very important for Indians as they got the right of having their own government, Independence to have their own constitution, Independence to have their rules  and regulations, the right to have the freedom of speech, the freedom to enjoy the rights of citizenship and right for voting. The Indians were so much neglected and oppressed by British Colonial rule that the wish of being Independent was throbbing in hearts of millions of Indians.

One of the finest faces and proponent of Indian Independence , Balgangadhar Tilak popularly known as Lokmanya(accepted by all) ignited the flame of Independence by giving the freedom struggle motto “swarajya mera janma siddha adhikaar hai” ( to live in freedom and to be free is my birth right). This one single line propelled the rocket of Indian Independence hovering over British living in India and up to London. Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Surendranath Banjerjee, Bipin Chandra Paul, Balkrishna Gokhle, Firozshah Mehta, Dadabhai Naroji, Raja Rammohan Roy were the persons who laid the foundation of Indian Independence movement. These were the people who carried out the mission Indian Independence handed over to them by the heroes of the uprising which took place in 1857 leaded by Nanaji Peshwa, the wise Tantiya Tope, the brave Rani of Jhansi, Mangal Pandey and many others.  1857 uprising was an alarm to the British rulers which they took very seriously and since then India was put under  the rule of British Monarch directly who appointed one of his confident as Viceroy of India. During the British rule, the Viceroy was in charge of Indian state.

British had come to India as traders because India was considered as a “SONE KI CHIDIYA”(the golden bird). They found in India abundant possibilities of expanding their business as India was very rich in mineral resources and in Agriculture products. The British adopted the policy of procuring the raw materials from the Indian subcontinent of the United India(as the country was one at that time and Pakistan and Bangladesh were also part of India). They imposed heavy taxes on Indian farmers and compelled them to slavery and insisted upon by force to grow the agriculture products which were lucrative for them. They introduced the Zamindari Pratha – The tradition of appointing the village heads for collecting the revenue and to compel the farmers to grow the crops which enabled them to garner heavy profits. This resulted in unrest among the farmers and the common people throughout India and this is where Gandhi ji entered into the Indian freedom struggle and provided the suitable and timely leadership to the Indian people. Under his guidance and statesmanship of very high quality in terms of politics and spirituality, Indian freedom struggle stands unique even today. The Indians under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi, popularly and affectionately addressed by Indians as “Baapu” –  won the freedom by a non violent movement. Gandhi ji was the first person who used non violence so effectively and so intelligently that the cunning British had no answer to his tactics. The British Empire where the “Sun never set” as it was believed in those days found in Gandhi an opponent which they never faced in their history. English government believed in the theory of controlling people by force whereas Gandhi ji believed in dealing and defeating his opponent by non- cooperation, non-violence and by wholehearted compassion.

The British never understood how to deal with in non- violent movement because it had never happened to them before nor it was taught in any British military schools and Universities, how to deal with non – violence. Gandhi ji remained a puzzle for them and he snatched the Indian Independence from the jaws of British empire and people started respecting Gandhi ji with his theory of non- violence, non- cooperation and compassion and modern time statesmen like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, John F Kennedy and Barrack Obama connect themselves with the values and philosophy which Gandhi ji stood for.  Every year to commemorate and to celebrate the Independence day, the Indian Prime Minister leads the nation by hoisting the Indian National Flag at the historic and majestic Red Fort in Delhi and the Independence day functions take place in each state capital an many benevolent public welfare policies are announced.


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