Jaigarh Fort Visit to Jaipur

Jaigarh Fort Visit to Jaipur


As the name suggests this has been an invincible fort of ancient Amber state. People and history talk a lot about the Amber fort in Jaipur but seldom speak about this beautiful fort of medieval period. Jaigarh was a royal habitat as well as an army garrison. The fort was built by Jai Singh II in 1726 to protect the Amber Fort from the invaders. Constructed on the top of Aravali mountain range, the fort occupies a strategic location giving a complete and command towards the Eastern and Southern sides which have open landscape. The maharajas of Amber and then Jaipur attached a great importance for the maintenance of the fort. The fort is a very good example of engineering architecture and mountain forts architecture.


The entire fort area is surrounded by high and wide defence walls having the strategic checkpoint powers called ‘ Burjs’ at all the four sides. Inside the fort there was a cannon and gun manufacturing unit which was completing the need of the then royal army. One of the examples of canon making is still on display in the fort. The visitors can see the biggest cannon on wheels called ‘Jayabaan’ which has been mentioned in the several record books of the world. This is a very fine example of metal casting of those days. Extremely durable and effective swords, spears and daggers were also produced here. For today’s ecologists and environmentalists Jaigarh fort is still an inspirational place as it contained an extremely intelligent and efficient rain water harvesting system as rains are scarce, the rainwater was fully preserved for the future use. One of the example of great engineering feast is the water reservoir which is one of the largest hilltop reservoir is located at the Jaigarh fort. It is believed that the Jaipur royal family used to keep all it’s wealth in gold and jewels and precious metals inside a secret chamber inside the water tank. There were rumours in the press that once the government also tried to explore and usurp the treasure, some say they got it and some say they did not but it is still an interesting story having many untold explanations.


The interior living palaces are not very lavishly decorated but still they are reminiscent of the royal taste and wealth. There are secret tunnels which were constructed for the royal family to escape unhurt in case the fort was being attacked but it never happened and most the tunnels remain shut but the one which is connected to the Amber fort has been reopened by the Ministry of Archaeology and Museums for the daily visitors. The flag mast at the fort still bears the Jaipur state royal flag called the ‘Pancharanga’


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