Maha kumbha Mela Ujjain India

Maha kumbha Mela  Ujjain  India

kumbha-mela-ujjain-indiaIndia has always been very welcoming and colors of its culture that I got to see this summer were incredible. I never had even the slightest idea that this trip would be so memorable. Me and my friends decided to attend the Mahakumbha Mela this summer and as per our plans we reached Delhi in the middle of may and after two-three days, there were we in Ujjain. That city did not seem to stop even for a single second. The roads were all filled with crowd of people and all the empty grounds were taken for small ceremonies and programs. All this made me more excited to visit the reason for this festive environment- the Mahakumbha Mela. We reached there at

We reached there at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. I was all mesmerized. The crowd, the people and of course the scenario was magnificant. Actually, the word that suits here is GRAND. It was grand, I had never witnessed such a great religious gathering. It was inspirational in its own way and beautiful in every way. We then went to the Ram Ghat- the one which we had heard about a lot and it was worthy of all that. We kept our stuff aside and got ready to take a dip in the flourishing river before us. The waters were cold and soothing all at the same time. We had a lot of fun, we were not ready to get out of there almost for an hour and then very reluctantly, we got out of it. We changed, packed and went ahead for the Mahakala Temple. We were all thrilled to see it. We had to walk.

Maha kumbha Mela and Mahakala Temple Ujjain Trip

Mahakala Temple Ujjain TripWe were all thrilled to see it. We had to walk a lot and the path was very exciting. When we entered the temple premises, we were all taken aback by the glory of the temple. With widened eyes, we were looking all around and staring the surrounding and then, there we were, before the Mahakala idol. So many people were busy cleaning, polishing and decorating it and even when going out we were all surrounded by screens, displaying the video of the Mahakala. After getting out of there, we had dinner as we all were badly hungry. We then reached the temple of Mangal Nath and it was also a treat to our eyes, we almost spent one hour there and then because of our wish of visiting the Ghat again, we again went there. The place was looking even more beautiful than morning. The water was shining with reflection of lights and was ice-cold with the breeze of night. The waters were so much inviting that we couldn’t prevent ourselves from again going into them. So, we sat for almost one hour with our feet dipped in water and all we had on our lips was praises of the city and the gathering. We left for Delhi at midnight and even then the city was not going to sleep as if awake to bid us goodbye.

I can never forget this perfect experience and of course, friends made it even better. I cannot imagine of a better trip because this one had everything. THE GRAND MAHAKUMBHA MELA was incredible. It is just one of a kind. It made me respect, love and praise India more than I did before. It was all worth it.


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