Chetak – the horse of Maharana Pratap


Chetak – the horse of Maharana Pratap, During the Battle of Haldighati Mahrarana Pratap rode Chetak in 1576, Chetak horse was of Kathiawari breed. The Mahraja faught many battles during his life, he used his favourite horse Chtak. chetak courageously fought and support master and guarded its master’s life. the most historical war was the battle of Haldighati. Chetak lost his life during this battle. but he died as the greatest herse of history.(Chetak horse story) Haldighati battle was against mugals in this battle Man Singh was the Commander of the Mughal Army. He was seated on the huge elephant and directing the battle. In battle a artificial trunk put on the chetak head that cover his face that make them reached easy and fast reached to the enemy. Pratap with chetak reached to the front of Man Singh’s Elephant. Marahrana prtap threw his Bhala (sphear) towards to Man saingh, but it missed them and hit the Mahawat(the driver of elephant). then Horse chetak planted his hooves on the forehead of Man Singh’s elephant and push back the elephant, Man singh felt down on battleground. but elephant have swords in his trunk and elephant attack to the Chetak and chetak got injured he was not able to stand for a long time on his legs. (at that that Animals also trained for battel) Then chetak decide to took out Maharana Pratap safely from the battle ground. around running a distance of about 3- 5 kilometres and jumped over 21 feet wide river and collapsed died. Maharana Pratap build a monument for his loyal and brave horse at the place where Chetak fell.


Weight of Maharana Pratap Bhala – 80 Kg Weight of Maharana Pratap’s Armor- 72 Kg A 25 kg weight sword was used by Rana Pratap. If we conclue the total weight of Maharana’s that is 206 Kilograms (Sword + armor + Bhala + Shield + two swords)


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