Places to visit in Ranakpur – Ranakpur Jain Temple – Ranakpur Tour

Places to visit in Ranakpur

places to visit in ranakpur

The small town of Ranakpur situated between Udaipur and Mount Abu in Rajasthan has acquired an important place in the tourist circuit of Rajasthan. The town is not very big but it has become very popular over the last many decades. In earlier days it was not very easy to access the town therefore it remained almost unapproachable by the tourists. The entire region of Marwar and Mewar has many charming tourist spots and the Ranakpur enjoys a unique place simply by being in between the Marwar and Mewar regions of Rajasthan. Once inhabited by large species, from the small and big cat family to a fine inhabitation by Bears, Wild Boars and Deers, it used to be an outing spot for the Mewar and Marwar nobility. Surrounded by hills and
situated on  a mountainous platform, it still has abundant greenery having with mango trees, date trees, plums and oranges among the major flora.

Ranakpur Jain Temple &   Ranakpur  Tourist Attraction: Today it is best known for the Jain Temples which remain very popular among  tourists visiting Rajathan. The foreigners, the Indians are amazed to see the unparallel display of carved marble. While visiting, the visitor utters a wow in the most natural when he gets awed by the beauty of the temple and perhaps they think that is it possible to imagine such extraordinary pieces of art from a rough marble?. The human imagination blended and supported by devotion and faith can create such dreamy carvings into reality. The butter smooth marble having a silk finishing in the shape of human figure, birds, elephants and other beautiful creature are not anywhere to be seen. Jainism which stands for fine human values of non violence and compassion has inspired the millions. One should not be surprised to see the Ranakpur Jain temples as these temples are the result of a very refined philosophy of human behaviour and spirituality.


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