Royal Procession of Teej Festival Jaipur Rajasthan 

Royal Procession of Teej Festival Jaipur Rajasthan 

Celebration of Teej Festival: When the clouds smile, rains happen and when the rains happen, people smile. The festival of Teej is the greetings of people to the heavens for bringing about the much desired life – giving showers of monsoon. The festival of Teej is the celebration of the rainy season in India. Celebrated with great happiness and gaiety throughout Rajasthan but most prominently at the Pink City of Jaipur where it has acquired an international tourism event. The festival is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar and is observed on the 3rd day of the crescent moon.


Teej is a Hindi word which means ‘three’ or ‘third’ and as the festival is observed on the third day, it is called the festival of Teej. India being an agricultural country and still a large chunk of population lives in the villages and agriculture is their main occupation. After the dry hot waterless months of April, May and June, the period of July- August brings respite from the scorching summer and brings hope for the agriculture. On the festival day, even today, a long ceremonial procession is carried out from the Queen’s Palace of the City Palace of Jaipur, the royal residence of the Jaipur Maharaja. The procession includes a big number of decorated elephants, camels with their traditional adornments, horses which are very beautifully decorated. A group of music bands, dancers and the personal staff of the mahjaraja of Jaipur walks through the main streets of Jaipur. The main attraction of the festival is centuries old statue of Teej Mata – Godess Parvati, beautifully decorated wearing the traditional Rajasthani Leheria pattern dress. The villagers from the nearby villages , city residents and thousands of foreign tourists come every year to watch this spectacular festival views. At the City Palace the festivities start towards afternoon and the procession starts usually at around 5 pm and it takes around two hours to reach the destination. All along the procession route visitors from all parts of the world wait in the main bazaars and the rooftops to watch the procession. For the festival day, the streets are decorated with Rangoli patterns and perfumed water is sprayed all along the procession route. A very delicious and tasty sweet is also prepared only at the Teej festival which is called the ‘Ghevar’ this sweet is uniquely available at the Teej festival time. This is the festival where the women are very happy and enthusiastic and for the festival they put on their best dresses and jewellery. If somebody’s in Jaipur on the festival day, the beautiful and smiling faces keep them telling that they are fortunate to be here on this wonderful day. Like every year, this year too Teej festival will be celebrated from 26-27 July 2017 and the procession will start from 6 pm onwards on both the dates.

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