Indian Spices- spice plantation goa india

Indian Spices – Spice plantation tour in Goa India.

 The identity and importance of India among the European countries was due to the availability of wide range of spices available in the country. The smell of the Indian spices has attracted the people of the globe. In fact the Europeans wanted to discover India as they knew that some on the finest spices are grown and plantation tour in Goa in India. It is not that spices are not available in other parts of the world, but the climatic conditions for perfect seasoning of spice plantation are available only in Indian subcontinent and nowhere in the world any country has the honour of having six seasons in a year. Most parts of the world have two to four seasons maximum but India has an excellent range of six weather conditions available. ” Plan a Spice plantation tour in Goa, India. Indian Spices- spice plantation tour Goa India. Visit spice farm and elephant ride in Goa. Know tropical spice plantation Goa. Aryavrit Travels offers tour packages Goa. “

Spice plantation tour in Goa India

Every two months the season changes which creates the perfect conditions for a variety of spices to flourish here? India which fell on the famous silk route where the Chinese and Arab traders used to buy the spices and used to sell them elsewhere with heavy margins. The Indian pepper, clove, cumin, turmeric, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon and asafoetida and chillies were in high demand among the continental Europe. The Bourgeois epicurean of Europe loves their food to be cooked with the Indian spices. It is fact that the British sellers wanted to come to India in order to do business and earn hefty profits. Columbus who is credited of discovering America wanted to touch the Indian shores and when he reached America, he called them the red Indians. He was much disappointed by not having the success of discovering which later went to the Portuguese sailor, Vasco De Gama who found India for the western world. When he spent some time in India, he was so glad that he mentioned the quality and reputation of Indian spices in his travel notebook. When the British crown representative Sir Thomas Roe visited the court of the 4TH Mughal Emperor Jahangir, he requested him to give him the permission of establishing a small business quarter in India for exporting the spices to England which was granted by the Mughal Emperor. Foreigners visiting India are offered the masala tea which is liked by them a lot and is in fact prepares with a mixture of grounded Cardamom, clove, pepper, saffron dry ginger and cinnamon. Some people on the globe have a fine taste for high quality wine know that some famous brands of wine are prepared in India with spices. Spices are the best ambassadors of India and Indian taste.

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