The Love for Art Jaipur Royal Family

The Love for Art – A Reference For Jaipur Royal Family

Jaipur the Pink CityBefore India adopted the democratic system of government and chose the path to parliamentary democracy where the people are electing their representatives by voting. India was ruled by the Maharajas, there were about 465 princely states in India which were governed by the the rulers. In some states, they had the titles like ‘ The Raja’, ‘ The Maharaja’, ‘The Maharana’ and ‘Maharawal’. All these words are synonyms of the English word King. The hindi word for state is ‘Rajya’ and the person who governs Rajya is ‘Raja’. ‘Maha’ is a prefix meaning big or great, so Maharaja is the ruler of a big state.

The size of the state depended upon the territory, wealth, population and the size of the army. The Maharajas of Amber were known for their bravery and foresightedness. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh 2nd of Amber shifted his capital from Amber to the newly founded city ‘Jaipur’ in the year 1727. Since then Jaipur became the seat of administration and governance and Amber being an integral part of the state. The new palaces were constructed in and around Jaipur and the royal family would pass time between Jaipur and Amber.

The rulers of the Jaipur royal family has a very important place in the history of India. They played vital roles at the different important situations which became landmark of the Indian history. Besides their military professionalism and acumen, they were very cultured in other departments of life. All the Maharajas protected and promoted the fine arts like painting, sculptures, fine masonry , calligraphy, music and dance. Their protection and love towards fine arts resulted into bringing the Jaipur School of Painting into existence. One of the classical dance called ‘Kathak’ has a particular Jaipur style of dancing which is called the ‘Jaipur Gharana’ the Maharajas were instrumental in creating a vast library of state manuscripts and paintings knows as ‘Pothi Khana’. Thousands of hand – written manuscripts of religious books of Hinduism like ‘Mahabharta’ ‘Bhagwata Gita’ , ‘ Ramayana’ and ‘ Ramcharitmanas’ are available in this library. The scholars and the researchers still throng to this library for finding the useful references to their books and studies. The Maharajas used to invite the scholars and the erudite to Jaipur and gave them the honorary posts of state writers and painters and provided them with palatial homes and high perks and requested them to create and write the unforgettable and precious articles of fine arts.

Best Places To Visit In Jaipur  –  List of top  attractions in pink city jaipur. Jaipur – Pink city, palaces & forts, with elaborate architecture resplendent of their royal heritage.

Gangaur Festival Royal Celebration in Jaipur – The festival of Gangaur has been in society for centuries which reminds us that family love and positive atmosphere in homes is the foundation of a successful married life. Young Indian girls pray the Goddess Parvati known as ‘Gaura’ along with Lord Shiva to bless them with a complacent husband and loving children.

Rao Vidyadhar – Town Planning From Mohenjodaro To Jaipur – The Indus valley civilization which existed in the Indian subcontinent 5000 years ago had very excellent features of town planning architecture. One of the features which archaeologists found at Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa found that the streets were very wide even during those days and were rectangular, cutting and meeting one another at rectangles.


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