Tirupati Balaji Temple Darshan Online

Tirupati Balaji Temple Darshan Online

Tirupati temple India

India is a country of temples, Venkateswara temple in Tirupati town of Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India is counted among most important religious places of India.  Although every stone of this town is believed to be a temple in itself but Venkateswara Temple is considered as the main temple with the main deity of Lord Venkateswara. It is the holiest pilgrimage site of Hindus since millenniums. According to legends, Lord Srinivas (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) also known as Lord Venkateswara got married here to Padmavati Devi & in order to make arrangements for wedding ceremony he took a loan from Lord Kuber (treasurer of Gods), pilgrims offer gold, money & other precious stuff with a feeling of helping Lord Vishnu to pay his debt. This generous act of donation makes this temple one of the richest holy sites in the world. One more attraction of this place is hair tonsure buildings where millions of people donate their hair. People of all age groups donate their hair here, it is believed that Neela Devi donated her hair to Lord Sriniwas, to pay back those hair Lord Srinivas gave boon to Neena Devi that his devotees will pay back her hair so, pilgrims offer their hair to fulfill the Lord’s boon given to Neela Devi whose temple is nearby to Venkateswara Temple. Once in a year, these hair are auctioned which generates a huge sum of the money for temple trust. Visit Tirupati temple, Tirupati darshan, Tirupati balaji temple, Tirupati tourism.

Tirupati Balaji Temple Darshan Online

Prasadam (Eatables mainly sweets & fruits offered to God then eaten as blessing) of Venkateswara temple is world-famous & recipe of this prasadam which is patent of temple trust, this makes it possible to prepare these lip-smacking Tirupati Laddu only here in the Venkateswara temple "Tirupati temple".

There are 7 hills in the vicinity which are known as Tirumala collectively. Names of each hill are mentioned below:

Vrushabadri- Hill of Nandi

Anjanabadri- Hill of Lord Hanuman

Neeladri- Hill of Neela Devi

Garudadri- Hill of Garuda

Seshadri- Hill of Shesha

Narayanadri- Hill of Lord Vishnu

Venkatadri – Hill of Lord Venkateswara

These 7 peaks also represent the heads of Adishesha eternal serpent & servant of Lord Vishnu. The temple is on the peak known as Venkatadri.

PM Modi offers prayers at Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirupati

PM Modi offers prayers at Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirupati

Every day approximately 100,000 pilgrims lands in Tirupati, which makes this town a very important tourist destination in the Andhra Pradesh state of India. Darshan in Tirupati temple   Venkateswara temple "Tirupati temple" is a job which demands a high level of dedication as it takes approximately 8-10 hours in a queue to reach in front of Lord however appropriate arrangements are made by the government. Alternatively, there are tickets on sale ranging from 300 INR to thousands of rupees cuts the queue. A large number of hotels are operating here. Hotels in Tirupati are always fully occupied which makes it necessary to book hotels in Tirupati in advance. Although Tirupati has its own airport but most of the pilgrims prefer to reach first Bangluru or Chennai which are 150 km & 250 km respectively from Tirupati; a number tour companies are operating in Bangluru & Chennai which takes care of all transport and hotels in Tirupati. Road connectivity of Tirupati is very good not only from these 2 metro cities but also other parts of Andhra Pradesh & Tamilnadu.  Visit Tirupati temple, Tirupati darshan, Tirupati balaji temple, Tirupati tourism.


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