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Top 10 Tourist places in madhya pradesh - MP Tourism. Here is list of best 10 Places to  Visit in Madhya Pradesh. Orcha, Kajuraho, Kanha National Park, Gwalior, Bhimbetka Rock Caves, Sanchi, Ujjain, Bandhavgarh National Park, Pench National Park, Mandu  are top tourist attraction in Madhya Pradesh.


1. Orcha: Discover this ancient capital famous for its temples and royal palaces which preserve superb mural paintings. The grandeur of this magnificent city locates on the banks of river Betwa  has passed through the centuries without a hitch. The whole of its royal palaces and temples built in the 16th and 17th centuries still bear the prestige of this dynasty. This place aptly represents the chivalry of the Bundela kings. The fort of Orchha is a multi –storied phenomenal structure constituting several palaces, balconies, courtyards and temples.  The holy aarti (prayer) at the Raja Ram Sarkar Temple near the palace is very sacred and pilgrims from all over the world visit this temple of Lord Rama in search of peace and spiritual experience.

2. Khajuraho: The remarkable monuments of the Khajuraho are among the primary choices of the tourists visiting this place. These monuments are ancient temples which have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These prodigious temples were built by the Chandela Dynasty during the 12th and 13th century. What the people love about these temples are the refined sculptures of different characters and the hand carved domes and pillars with paintings of that era.  This place candidly defined the rich and ancient art of India.

3. Kanha National Park: The National Park can be reached by road, rail and airways. The best suitable town near the National Park is Jabalpur, it is located  165 kms from the National Park. The best place to visit the national park is from mid October to June.  At this time, one can have the glimpses of the Royal Bengal tiger, the Indian Leopard, the black buck,  chinkaras etc. Kanha National park is recommended for nature lovers who appreciate natural beauty. Apart from the jungles safaris, tourist undertake other activities like cycling tours, bird watching, interaction with the village life. 

4. Gwalior: Gwalior is a fortified place in the state of Madhya Pradesh which evokes the sumptuous Rajput Chivalry.  The fort complex is made up of yellow stones decorated with blue glazed earth tiles.  One gets in the grandeur of this ravishing palace. The Jai Vilas Palace Museum is a portrait of the lifestyle of the erstwhile royal family of Gwalior. The Saas Bahu is a stunning temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is located near the fort.  It is a beautiful piece of art and a great architectural marvel in the city of Gwalior.

5. Bhimbetka  Rock Caves: Every one knows about the stone age where the ‘early man’ existed. But not everyone knows that this Bhimbetka has the earliest traces of the human life in the Indian subcontinent.  This UNESCO World Heritage site is a rare marvel in the present human world. These rocks have many paintings which are believed to be made by the people of that time. What’s astonishing is that at that point of time, there were no availability of synthetic colors , so the colors in these paintings are natural colors derived from different flowers and plants. There are paintings of animals like tigers, bisons , barasingah ,rhinos peacocks and snakes. There are paintings of different series of events like a man hunting a tiger with spears and swords, a man being attacked by a bear and several other paintings.  These paintings are still very well preserved due to sincere efforts of the administration.

6. Sanchi: The Divine Stupas located in Sanchi are located in the Sanhi town of Madhya Pradesh and are one of the oldest stone structures in India. King Ashoka was a great preacher of Buddhism and these Stupas were ordered to be constructed by him in the 3rd century BCE. These Stupas are of prime religious importance for the Buddhists all over the world. The dome of the stupas and pillars have ancient and peculiar sculptures of elephants, flowers, peacocks and tigers The gates of the stupas  different sculptures  drawn depicting the life and journey of Buddha. 

7. Ujjain: Ujjain or known by it’s ancient name ‘Avantika’ is one of the seven holy cities situated on the banks of river Kshipra ,having prime religious importance in Hinduism.  Like Varanasi, Ujjain is the city of Lord Shiva.  The city of Ujjain is as ancient as the history is. The name of the city appears in religious texts and historical references which are about 4000 years old.

8. Bandhavgarh National Park: Bandhavgarh National Park, 265 km away, a former hunting ground of the Maharaja of Rewa, today one of the most beautiful National Parks in India. Declared a national park in 1968, it has the distinction of harbouring the largest concentration of tigers in all parks in India and is renowned as the cradle of the famous Rewa White Tiger. It is also the home to the Great Indian Royal Bengal Tiger which are enormous in size and known for their hunting ability. Bandhavgarh provides with excellent opportunity of sighting tiger in live jungle.BANDHAVGARH-NATIONAL-PARK-MP-tourism

9. Pench National Park: Pench National Park whose glorious history is well known to readers of the book ‘The Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling.  In 1977, the park was declared a sanctuary and then recognized as a National Park and later became a Tiger Reserve. The Pench National Park is renowned for its large herds of mammals whose predators feed and thus help maintain a certain balance between the species. Famous for it’s tigers, the national park is home to other rare Indian fauna like striped hyena, four- horned antilope, barking deer , gaur and many more. The best time to visit this place is between February to June.

10.  Mandu: The visit to Madhya Pradesh is incomplete if the Palaces of Mandu are yet to be seen.  Mandu is an alluring places with breathtaking views and sceneries and the palaces are some of the oldest living structures in the world. Some of the magnificient  sites include the Ship Palace (Jahaz Mahal), . Anyone passionate about photography should have this palace in his/her list. The best time to visit this place is in monsoon, as in the monsoon season, when it gets foggy  you can stand on the roof of the palace and it feels like you are on a ship because of water bodies on both side and the fog gives the effect of a sea.





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