Top 5 Places To Visit In West Bengal

 Top 5 Places To Visit In West Bengal

West Bengal is an ideal tourist destination in India. Explore top places in West Bengal.Kolkata, Sundarban Deltas, Darjeeling, Bishnupur, Hooghly are best places to visit in West Bengal.

kolkata visit in west bengal

1. Kolkata – Kolkata is one of the main metropolitan cities in India and the capital of the state of West Bengal. Kolkata is place with great cultural significance and has provided several Nobel laureates and scholars to the world, one of them being Pandit Rabindranath Tagore, a great poet and freedom fighter who was the first non – European to win the Nobel Prize in literature in the year 1913. This place has the very culture of art, music, literature and dance since the beginning and even today, Kolkata is one of those places in India which attracts film directors. Theatre artists and other art lovers form all over the world. There are several tourist attractions in Kolkata like The Victoria Memorial which was built as a memorial for Queen Victoria and now serves as a museum and the Eden Gardens, the world’s second largest cricket stadium .

Sundarban Deltas visit in west bengal

2. Sundarban Deltas – Sundarbans is a group is a group of picturesque mangrove forests, the largest tiger reserve of the Royal Bengal Tiger and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sundar in Hindi & Bengali means beautiful and Bans mean forests so as the name suggests, one gets lost is the breath taking beauty of these forests. The king of these forests is the Indian Royal Bengal Tiger, one of the biggest species of tigers on earth is the main attraction of the tourists. Good place to visit during winter time when whether is reasonable You can imagine the scenic view of you on a boat. the river flowing through and you find youself very extremely lucky to get the sight of the Royal Bengal Tiger!

dargeeling visit in west-bengal

3. Darjeeling – Darjeeling is a charming hill station in West Bengal, famous all over the world for it’s tea gardens since tea from this region is exported to numerous countries under the brand name of ‘Darjeeling Tea’. You can only experience here, the exclusive sight of the Mountain Kanchejuga, the world’s third highest mountain. When you go for a walk in the morning, you find yourself in heavenly place as the clouds are so near that you feel like walking on them! . It’s a life time experience for all the nature lovers and you feel uplifted with such beauty of the nature.
Bishnupur visit in west bengal

4. Bishnupur – Bishnupur is a town in Bankura District in the state of West Bengal, India.It is famous for its terracotta temples. For almost a thousand years it was the capital of the Malla kings of Mallabhum. Most of the exquisite terracotta temples for which town is very famous were built during the rule of the kings of this dynasty. The Rasmancha is one of the most beautiful temples of this place, the beauty of these place is unique and you do not just spot anything similar to this anywhere in the world.

hoogly in west bengal visit

5. Hooghly – Hooghly is a town located on the banks of river Hooghly and has thousands of years of rich heritage. In the 1500’s the Portuguese sailor Vasco Da Gama visited this place and since then it became one of largest trading ports of India. One can still see the effect of the colonization period in the buildings and architecture of the places. The Taraknath temple in Hooghly is dedicated to Lord Shiva and pilgrims from all over India visit this temple throughout the year.


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