Tour to Mount Abu Rajasthan INDIA

Tour to Mount Abu Rajasthan INDIA

Tour to Mount Abu Rajasthan INDIA

Tour Mount Abu in Rajasthan INDIA. It have historical and spiritual relevance in Rajasthan India.

Situated on the Gurushikhar peak of the Aravali mountain chain, Tour to  Mount Abu Rajasthan INDIA is a respite centre for people tormented by scorching heat of Rajasthan. Aravali mountain chain situated in Rajasthan is the longest mountain chain in the world having one of it’s high altitude peaks as Mount Abu.

 The place has deep religious , historical and spiritual relevance in India. According to the religious scriptures, one of the kings of the ‘Naga lok’ lived here called Arbuda and it’s  is after the name of this king that the place is called ‘Abu’. According to religious and social history, the great saint Vashishtha recreated the Kshatriyas at a holy Yagna ceremony as Kshatriyas were eliminated completely by Lord Parshurama. So, Mount Abu is the originating place of the Kshatriyas.

The great Indian saint of 18th century who spoke at the world religious conference at Chicago, Swami  Vivekananda, once spent some time over there. The present day ‘OM Shanti World Peace Mission’ run by the Brahmakumari stream of Indian spiritualism has it’s headquarter at Mt Abu. The Om Shanti mission has it’s branches in almost each country of the world and people visiting Rajasthan visit this spiritual centre as well.

Tout to Mount Abu Rajasthan INDIA has some very fine examples of temple architecture. The beautiful marble temples of Delwara temples are unique sites of marble carvings, each pillar has been exquisitely decorated by chiselled figures of birds, flowers, celestial dancers, etc. Another tourist destination in Mount Abu includes the Nakki lake. It is called by this name because it was dug out from Nails (Nakh). Amidst the water of the lake boating with the snow-white swans the beauty of the beautiful sunset increases and this makes the whole atmosphere more romantic.  The sunset point provides a  beautiful View as the sun goes down the horizon!

Visit mount abu Rajasthan INDIA You can walk up the slope to the sunset point from the parking or take a horse ride or carts. Tour to mount abu Rajasthan INDIA Especially if you are a photographer or if you love to get clicked, this place is for you.



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