Trek the Himalayas in Nepal, Visit Kathmandu, Patan, Jawalakhel, Pashupatinath, Bodnath, Sankhu, Chang

Trek the Himalayas in Nepal, Visit Kathmandu, Patan,  Jawalakhel, Pashupatinath,  Bodnath, Sankhu, Changunaryana, Nagarkot.

boudhanath-stupa-kathmandu-nepal-visitKathmandu – Located at 1365 meters above sea level,  the City of Glory was still the capital of the kings of Nepal and reached the peak of its artistic development at the end of the 18th century. The very religious character of the inhabitants has favored over the centuries the construction of many religious monuments of all sizes. Kathmandu’s most important shopping center, Kathmandu is home to countless small wooden stalls that give its old streets a picturesque charm.

Visit of the old city of Kathmandu: Hanuman Dhoka, the former Royal Palace guarded by Hanuman monkey god, Durbar Square, the historic Royal Square with its ancient temples and palaces embodying religious and cultural life. It was there that the kings of Nepal were crowned, which gave rise to grandiose and solemn celebrations.

Trek the Himalayas in Nepal Tour

trek-nepal-kathmanduVisit of the temple of Kasthamandap, built with the wood of a single tree in front of the old Palace Hanuman Dhoka, from which would derive the name of the city. Once a halting place for pilgrims from the mountains, today it is a temple dedicated to Gorahanatha, the incarnation of Shiva. Then, the temple Taleju built by King Mahendra Malla in 1549. It is not open to the public but one can admire its three floors in gilded copper which, with the base, reach more than 30 m high. This old historic district is dotted with many temples, palaces, pagodas and statues.

Close to the Palace, Temple-Residence of the living Goddess, Kumari. The wooden building, one of the most beautiful in Katmandu, is entirely carved with balconies and the Goddess-child appears from time to time to greet the crowd. Chosen at the age of four or five, the Kumari Devi is the reincarnation of the goddess Durga, one of the most important goddesses in Nepal.

excursion to the famous stupa of Swayambunath, a Buddhist sanctuary located on the heights of the city. Aged 2,500, it is one of the oldest stupas in the world. The hill, itself sacred, is surrounded by prayer wheels.

visit of Patan, an ancient city known as Lalitpur and one of the three main towns of the Kathmandu valley. Its first foundations date back over 2,000 years ago. Former royal residence, it remained a city-museum. It is the “City of Fine Arts” with its medieval streets dotted with palaces and pagodas built in red bricks. The city was delimited by four stupas built in the 3rd century by Emperor Ashoka. In the center is the Durbar Square built along the royal palace, Patan Durban, which houses a collection of newar crafts including bronzes and brass.

Visit to Jawalakhel, the Tibetan refugee camp and their craft center where we can admire the art of weaving, carpet making and statue molding.

Trek the Himalayas in Nepal visit of Temple

trek-the-himalayas-in-nepal-tourVisit to the Hindu site of Pashupatinath, one of the main Buddhist sanctuaries of the Kathmandu region built in the 5th century. The temple of Pashupatinath dedicated to Lord Shiva is famous for its beautiful architecture. The temple activities can be observed from the other side of the sacred Bagmati river. This place of cremation on the site of the most important shiva temple of Nepal is, along with Varanasi in India, the most impressive of all the subcontinent.

Then visit to the Bodnath and its immense white stupa that one can climb to its third and last platform. It is a high place of Tibetan Buddhism, the second one after Lhasa, and it attracts believers from all over the world. Built around the 7th century, the stupa is surrounded by an incalculable number of prayer flags of shimmering colors and about 650 prayer wheels reproducing all the sacred mantra “om mani padme hum” which aims to purify itself. The immediate surroundings contain not less than fifteen monasteries, the gompas all richly decorated.

Sankhu  -one of the oldest Newar villages of the Kathmandu valley, whose natural environment is most preserved. Sankhu, derived from the original language of Newar, Sakwo, means “establishment” next to Tibet. As its name suggests, it was previously a lively little Newar town before it lost its importance as a commercial stop on the road to Tibet after the construction of the road linking Kathmandu to the Chinese border in the 1960s.

Changunarayana – located on a hill also known as Changu or Dhaulagiri. The small village of Changu houses a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and particularly revered by the Hindus. This temple is considered the oldest temple in Nepal, its origin goes back to the 4th century, and it reveals splendid sculptures

Nagarkot –  a small village perched at 2190 meters, which is by far the most breathtaking panorama of the majestic surrounding mountains because of its exposure: 300 kms of snow-covered peaks as far as the eye can see in good weather. From Dhaulagiri (8167 m), north-east of Pokhara, to Kangchenjunga (8598 m), on the border of Sikkim, the sight burns Annapurna (8090 m), Langfang (7246 m) and Everest. The Nagarkot site is renowned for sunsets and sunsets.

Visit of Nepal beautiful Places

visit-nepal-temples-beautiful-placesThe holy city of Bhaktapur, another of the three main cities of the Kathmandu valley, located at an altitude of 1400 meters. It is actually a medieval town of the 9th century where the Newars, the main inhabitants still follow ancient traditions and customs. The picturesque Bhaktapur, the city of devotees, shaped like a conch is considered an open-air museum where all the streets are more astonishing than the others. The Porte d’Or is the entrance to the main courtyard of the famous palace with 55 windows, a masterpiece of the kind dating from 1430. A walk in its streets is necessary to discover the house of medieval art and Architecture, between listed monuments and living workshops of pottery, weaving and wood carvings.



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