Gir National Park Gujrat india

Gir National Park Gujrat

The Indian flora and fauna has always attracted tourists and animal lovers from all over the world. Among all the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, the Gir National Park is few of those places which is home to the Great Asiatic Lion. It is located in the Indian state of Gujarat and spreads over an area of 1153 km2 .

Visit Gir National Park Gujrat India

Lions have a great significance in the Indian culture and the Indian land, so their protections was on a top priority so as to protect them from the butchers and hunters. To accomplish this purpose, Gir National Park was established in the year 1965 by the Government of India. According to the figures, only 20 Asiatic lions existed during the year 1913 but due to the establishment of this National Park and efforts of the Government, their population in the year 2015 rose to 523 among which 109 were males, 201 females and 213 young cubs. The natural habitat of the Asiatic Lion is dry land and deciduous forests which is why Gir is the appropriate place for them to live. Other than the Asiatic Lions, Gir is home to other widlife species like Nilgai, Chital, Indian Leopards, Golden Jackals, Indian Palm Civets, Striped Hyenas and many more. Apart from the fauna, the flora of the area is also unique plants like dhavdo, amla and jambu are found in such areas only. If you wish to explore the wilderness of the Gir National park, you will have to book a safari and then you will be issued a permit for the same.

The Park remains closed from June to October every year because this is the period when the monsoon arrives on the area and it becomes for the officials to conduct the safaris. However the best time to visit the National Park is from December to March because this is the time where the chances of spotting the lion are the most. Most of the people see the lions or the jungle cats in the zoo which does not provide the real experience, but imagine observing the activities of lion which is resting Just a few distance away from you! You definitely do not get to see that in the zoos. This is the magnetism of the Gir National Park that you get to visit and watch the animals in their natural habitat without providing any harm to them.

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