Visit Nagaur Festival Rajasthan India

Visit Nagaur Festival Rajasthan India

India is known all over the world for organizing some of the biggest fairs in the world where massive gatherings have been recorded from time to time. Fairs represent the vibrant and high spirited nature of the Indian tradition. One such fair is the Nagaur festival of Rajasthan which takes place during the month of January every year and attracts thousands of tourists from different countries. Normally fairs are meant to be for the mass ie the people but Nagaur festival is famous for being a cattle fair where people participate in the fair along with their cattle like cows, buffaloes, camels, bulls etc. During the past as there was no established market for cattle trade, people had to organize large gatherings for such purpose. This tradition has been kept alive till present, so the main purpose of this fair is to have an organized market for the sale and purchase of cattle. Farmers and breeders from all over India and the world participate in this fair. The festival goes on for eight days and approximately 70000 cattle exchanges are made every day.

Nagaur Festival Rajasthan India

This festival is equally relevant as the Pushkar festival and is one the biggest fairs of the country. There are many attractions in the fair apart from the cattle. Rajasthan is famous from the red chilly and is exported to many countries for it’s spiciness and redness. A ‘ Mirchi Bazaar’ ( Chilli Market ) is also organized in fair where red chilli is traded in bulk. Man other games and competitions are also held in this fair some of which include the camel race, moustache competition, tug of wars, cock fights, and several races. These competitions are considered to be the prestige issue of the villagers as many of them are arch rivals and also huge prizes are declared for the winners. The moustache competition is a rare of it’s kind where people from all over the country with long moustaches visit the fair in order to claim that they have the record braking length of the moustache.

What mainly attracts the tourists is the camel race as people are aware and have seen horse races but camel race is very unique and to watch the camels race is one of a lifetime experience. The ‘Kalbelia Dancers’ astonish the viewers as they perform several stunts with fire. The Nagaur festival provides an unforgettable experience to the tourists.

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