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Chandni chowk is one of the addresses of Delhi which is so popular that every Indian knows about, has heard about and has visited it a lot and there are still a lot who dream to visit it. Generations in India have grown hearing about it. Simply it is hard to believe that a street containing around 250 shops can be so popular. Chandni Chowk is the most popular shopping street of Delhi.

Usually referred as Chandni Chown Bazaar, this historic and vibrant street came into existence in the early 16th century. Situated exactly in front of the Red Fort facade, it used to be a market which was frequently visited by the nobility and royalty of that time inDelhi. It was not so populous in those days and there was not much traffic of modern automobiles like buses and cars and people used to stroll in the bazaar looking for merchandise.

This was the hub of economic and commercial activities of the then regal capital of Delhi. The shops on both the sides were owned by the famous business family of that time and it was a matter of great pride and honour to own a shop at this bazaar and it still a matter of great reputation to own a place at this Bazaar at present at well. The Chandni Chowk bazaar has some reputed shops selling the silk fabrics and silk sarees, fine stores where pure Indian cotton, muslin is sold. Some of the famous confectionaries address are located here from the legendary ‘Ghantewala Sweets’ to modern day popular ‘ Bikanerwala’ and ‘Haldiram’. This bazaar is also known for the quality of traditional Indian fast food locally known as ‘Chaat’.

The epicureans throughout India have praised a lot the quality and the taste of the ‘Chaat’ available here. There is a shop in the name of ‘M/S Dharampal Premchand’ who used to prepare the Betel nut ingredients for the Emperor’s family as it was very much in vogue to relish the Betel Nuts. The saffron soaked nuts and the cardamoms are a speciality of this place popular throughout the world. There are two very famous religious places at the entrance of the Bazaar – The Gurudwara Sheesganj , a Sikh holy place and The Gauri – Shankar temple , a Hindu worship place desiccated to Lord Shiva. Even today in India people with pride refer to an article by saying ‘ my great grand father bought it from Chandni Chowk !’. The reputation of this Bazaar still holds the ground.