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Cost of Destination wedding in Udaipur

Coming to the point of Cost of Destination wedding in Udaipur. There are several destination wedding cost factors. We will explain one by one so you can get proper cost ideas for udaipur destination wedding.

Location & Venue

The location and venue play a significant role in determining the cost of your destination wedding.

  1. Choose an easily accessible location to minimize transportation expenses and allow guests to make their own travel arrangements.
  2. Opt for a naturally picturesque venue to avoid extensive spending on location enhancements.

Wedding Season & Time

Indian weddings are typically held during the auspicious Saya season, but non-Saya seasons offer cost-effective wedding dates with religious significance.

  1. Planning a wedding during peak seasons, both domestically and internationally, requires early preparation due to high demand.
  2. Your wedding budget depends on the season and time of your wedding, with Saya season weddings typically costing more than non-Saya season or day weddings.

Udaipur Travel & Stay

Destination weddings involve travel and accommodation expenses for a larger number of guests, unlike residential weddings where costs are limited to the venue and a few out-of-town guests.

  1. The distance to your wedding destination affects costs. You decide if you cover guest travel expenses, and flying can be pricier than driving or taking a train.
  2. Where guests stay and how much it costs, whether at different places or the main venue, influences your destination wedding expenses.

Number of Guest

  1. Guest count impacts total wedding costs, regardless of the type of wedding.
  2. More guests mean higher per-person expenses for F&B, accommodation, and travel.
  3. A large guest list might get bulk rates, while a small list can create a memorable experience with the budget.

Udaipur Wedding Vendors

The money you pay to each of your wedding vendors also impacts the destination wedding cost.

  1. Whether you are looking to udaipur hire local vendors or hire vendors who are ready to travel to your destination – a lumpsum amount goes into this aspect of destination wedding planning.
  2. You can source vendors in and around your destination to avoid transportation costs if you are looking forward to hosting a destination wedding on a budget.