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About India

India is one of the oldest cultures in the world. It has rich heritage and tradition that  offers a lot of things to explore. In terms of area India holds 7th position in the whole world. In land area 32,87.263 area is covered by India. The great Indian Himalayan views glorify the natural beauty of India. the Indian cultural view steels your heart when you explore the historical places, adventure spots , the lands and the sports. When we comes on the food part, Indian food melt your heart because of its wide Multicuisine  and traditional food speciality. No matter how diverse Indian culture is its traditions reflects unity in diversity. Here, you can explore different different culture, different languages, various faith, several arts, Magnificent crafts, soulful music and much more.

So, come explore the Incredible India and see that is still hidden and undiscovered.

Incredible India Tourism


When it comes to India there are lots of things to explore. From north to south, west to east place is worth to visit. There are various places you can explore. For instances, exotic,  Tajmahal, beautiful Himalayan ranges, soulful Karnataka, mysterious  Khajuraho and so on. You may explore such amazing places anytime and experience different seasons. However, the best time to visit these places in India is between October and march. These months cover mainly Beginning of Summers, monsoon and Winter ends. The months of April to June are  typically sweltering and thus is advisable to avoid any travel in this duration From June to October, monsoon increase humidity in weather which are often to not a good time to visit.

So, plan your tour to India with us and discover the vast Indian arenas. Experiences a never forgetting  Petrichor of India. Come and explore incredible India’s Travel Destinations with us.

Incredible India Tour


Guest service from all over the world, the Hotels play a vital role not just stay, greeting and accommodation but, there lavish and luxuries services, traditional welcome and amenities and also the offers providing by hotels in holiday seasons for exploring India and make memories for lifetime.

In India hotels provide amazing luxury resorts, special accommodation and myriad attraction of tourist  Havelis  hotels that are changed into heritage hotel. If you are planning to visit India and worried about where to stay so you have great and unlimited choices.

Exploring  India in your next holiday so we have so many options for your amazing stay. We are providing services like: online hotel booking with your preferences and choices. We covers brand, famous heritage, modern hotel, budget friendly, traditional havelis , amazing resorts and many more.

The Golden Triangle Tour | Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour Duration: 7 Days | 7 Nights

Feel the heart of Rajasthan – Duration: 13 Days | 12 Nights

Rajasthan by Train –  Duration: 15 Days | 14 Nights

Scents and colors of Kerala – Duration: 11 Days | 10 Nights

Nature and Wildlife in South India – Duration: 14 Days | 13 Nights

Rajasthan by Train – Duration: 15 days | 14 nights

Discovery of Gujarat – Duration: 14 days | 13 nights

Leh Ladakh – Duration: 15 days | 14 nights

Spiritual India – Duration: 13 days | 12 nights

Palace on Wheels Luxury Train Tour Rajasthan – Duration: 8 days | 7 nights

Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train Tour – Duration: 8 days | 7 nights

Incredible India Tour Packages


Be it the glorious history or the opulent lifestyle, traveling to India is more than a holiday trip. It’s like a beautiful travel memory that can be remembered for the lifetime. When you choose to your incredible India, you find a bunch of unique experience that you can take to home. Whilst it is not easy to plan for one, there are various things that you can see and explore. If you want to experience natural beauty of India, you can find amazing   wildlife  sanctuaries that includes a great variety of Flaura and fauna. On the other hand, when it comes to see amazing royal palaces, you can find magnificent architectures and also experience elephant safaris. Royal places of Rajasthan like amber offers wonderful elephant   safaris   that  not  only  allows you to explore regal places but also the exotic beauty of surroundings areas. Apart from this, you may visit big fairs and be part of the mesmerizing festival celebrations. From deserts to blue waters, there are a million of things that are unique and distinct from other. Even if  you want to meditate and looking for peace and solace, there is nothing best than visiting India this time. From enjoying traditions to living   Regality to dancing on music of nature, India tour is what you need to complete your travel wish list. so, do not stop yourself. Visit India and get ready to discover the true India? plan with us  and unravel the unique destinations for travel.

Things to Do in India

GETTING AROUND                                                     

Indian culture is   famous   for  their  fascinating customs and traditions which is  Renowned worldwide. India has very unique   culture and traditions which represent ancient and scriptures culture. Getting around in India is easy yet tedious. Transportation is conveniently available for all the major cities and villages but the mode of transport  you choose decides your travel time and comfort. Basically, the air, sea and road routes are open and available to explore the vast India. through these conveyance options, you can get  around to the popular places of  India without denting your wallet. However, the best option to travel to different Indian locations is train and bus. As compared to buses, Indian trains is way cheaper and faster. It connects all the major cities and villages of India  and is a great experience to those who want to meet new people and their customs. Moreover, if you want to explore the real India, you may take village safaris that allows you to witness the various beautiful and unique experiences. Here, you can meet with local people and enjoy the vibrant  folk traditions, local culture and food. Want to get easy get around for your trip in India ? contact us and see the best and cheap packages for everywhere in India.

Incredible India Tour Plan with Aryavrit Travels


Explore India in your next  vacation with  us . No worries,  we will  make your tour plan with  amazing stay at luxurious hotels, famous  resorts, budget friendly accommodation and personalized services and amenities and  we have car  services and small vehicles  on rent for  visiting  famous tourist places, local markets , local fairs , traditional  food and culture attires  and we have an experience tour guide  for all famous tourist places tour  for you, that guide help you to visiting the amazing places, culture tour . we covers  brand and famous services for you and for enhance  your travel experience. We have online options according to your preferences and choices, so contact us we will make your tour memorable.


Indian customs  and  Etiquettes   are quite different  and unique. It  is mostly inspired by the  ancient scriptures  and  follow  a  set  of  theme which believes in respecting everything  whether it’s food, water, tress, or people. When it comes to greetings, they prefer ‘Namaste’ which means I bow down to divine soul that lies with you. Indian men touches   Feet   of   elders   while   at  some parts married women also follow the  same. In India, tourists and native both are   expected to wear respectful attire especially at religious places. Women are respected everywhere and the guests are considered god.  Indians  believes  in “Atithi Devo bhav”  which states guest is god and should be treated the same. From south  to  North to East to West, this belief is the same. However as you explore you will find new customs and differetiation in etiquettes. To explore all and various interesting   traditions, plan your  trip  to India and discover life, values and some amazing traditions that you will never witness  anywhere else.