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Jawai Leopard Hills Sanctuary

Jawai – India’s Leopard Hills. Stay at Jawai Leopard Camp and Sanctuary. Safari at Jawai Dam and photography at Pali district of Rajasthan.

Jawai Leopard Hills is located in Pali district of Indian state of Rajasthan, it is located at a distance of 95 km from district headquarter of Pali & 400 km from state capital city of Jaipur. Jawai Leopard hill is world’s most densely leopard populated area; since centuries humans of Rabari tribe & big cats are coexisting together on these hills. Mutual respect for each other is the root cause of this existence; local tribal people are dedicated followers of Goddess Durga (fierce warrior goddess) & these leopards are believed to be her ride; hence leopards are treated as holy & hunting them is a taboo among Rabari people. However, strict laws prohibiting hunting & attention from Government are also responsible for this existence of leopards.  Continue reading →Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan.

jawai leopard hill river

Jawai hills have a handsome number of caves & temples which are proven to be heaven for leopards. Jawai hills are surrounded by Jawai Dam, grasslands, grazing grounds & riverbed; Jawai hills were came in existence by lava some millions of years ago. The rock shelters & natural caves are natural home to the leopards at Jawai hills. Sighting leopards at temples, farms, hill rocks & near human habitat is a common scene in Jawai hills; to the level of amazement the behavior of leopards is quite different from that of their natural one. Leopards at Jawai hills are very calm & non-aggressive towards humans this makes Jawai hills a paradise for wildlife lovers & photography enthusiasts. Granite stone hills, leopards, tribal people, devotion to Goddess Durga & unique lifestyle of Rabari people are some of the prime reasons to embrace the beauty of this unique piece of land. Continue reading – List of Places to visit in Rajasthan.



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