Discovery of Gujarat - 14 days | 13 nights

Highlights of the programme :
  • Ahmedabad, the capital's rich cultural and historical past
  • Meeting with nomadic tribes
  • Observation of the last wild donkeys and Asian lions
  • The pretty town of Diu



Day 01 Ahmedabad - Gandhinagar - Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad is the capital of Gujarat with almost five million. Its history pages contain unexpected treasures that are harmoniously developed. Visit the Calico Textile Museum, considered one of the finest museums of this style in the world. Unique, it contains beautiful brocades, precious silks, former Gujarat fabrics and antique looms. In the afternoon, towards Gandhinagar and visit the Akshardham Temple, the first temple of the Swaminarayan sect with Burmese teak wood sculptures covered in bright paint. Overnight at hotel.
Day 02 Delhi - Ahmedabad
Visit the Temple Hathee Jain Singh, dedicated to Shri Dharamanath, grand master Jain. This temple, one of the most richly decorated of all the temples of the city, was in white marble built in 1848 and its name comes from the generous donor who helped build it. Then the Jama Masjid mosque, built in 1423 which is the mausoleum of Mughal Sultan Ahmed Shah, the founder of the city. Continue to the Mahatma Gandhi's ashram on the outskirts where they keep their personal belongings and work including its library with 35,000 books. Overnight at hotel.
Day 03 Ahmedabad – Poshina
Road to Poshina, very nice traditional village with its surrounding hamlets populated by a captivating mixture of various tribal communities: Garasias and Bhils. The craftsmanship is present with its blacksmiths manufacturer daggers, swords and arrows of silver and its potters where there are close ranks thousands of terracotta horses. These craftsmen make it a point of honor to show their expertise and you can admire the diversity and the rich ornamentation of these ethnic groups. Overnight at hotel.
Day 04 Poshina – Patan – Modhera – Dasada
Morning drive to Patan, ancient walled city, built on the banks of the holy river Saraswati. Patan was the ancient capital of Gujarat for over 660 years and has over a hundred Jain temples and magnificent old wooden houses. The Panchasara Parshvanath temple in white marble, is one of the largest in the city. Continue to Modhera, on the banks of the River Pushpavati, known worldwide for his solar village temple, one of the finest examples of religious architecture in Gujarat. Then on to Dasada. Overnight at hotel.
Day 05 Dasada – Zainabad - Dasada
Departure to Zainabad and "Rann of Kutch" Natural Reserve of the last wild asses Asian endangered. We would have about 3000 and they look like wild horses. Reserves of nearly 5000 km², which rhymes with Nature that there was more wild, one can observe deer such as black buck, nilgai and chinkara, Indian fox with white paws, blue bull, wolf, wild cat or hare with long ears, also endangered. The bird life is also very present. It is in a salt marsh region, home of many tribes of Kutch living the salt trade for centuries. Overnight at hotel.
Day 06 Dasada - Bhuj
Early morning drive to Bhuj, walled city, extending the Thar Desert, on the ancient caravan route that came from Persia. On the way stop to Halvad, village houses decorated with carved wood. Then Gandhidham, 1950, whose primary objective was to build a city to host refugees from Pakistan during the partition. Gandhidham is a famous Jain pilgrimage center which contains many temples. Then on to Bhuj, the former capital of a small princely state with narrow streets, now the capital of Kutch district. Bhuj, which is sometimes called the Jaisalmer Gujarat has long lived on the fringes of the time and the gates guarding the city were, there is still some time closed the night. Overnight at hotel.
Day 07 Bhuj
Visit this welcoming city with rustling animation markets and surrounded by a strong wall. The citadel in the heart of the bazaars, contains the Aina Mahal Palace, the Palace of Mirrors, built in 1752 by the reigning Maharaja which contains beautiful collections of everyday objects. In the afternoon, stroll through the countryside to go to meet the various Gujarati communities and find local crafts. Villagers work as cotton, wool, wood, and women make beautiful embroidery, colorful, inlaid mirrors, exported in Rajasthan. Overnight at hotel.
Day 08 Bhuj – Gondal
Morning drive to Gondal at the center of Gujarat. Gondal was once the ancient capital of the state of Saurashtra, a prosperous princely state which is full of ancient palaces of the 17th century. It was also a former principality in the province of Bombay from the time of British Raj. Visit the imposing palace Naulakha, the oldest and one of the finest in the city. The interior houses an impressive collection of all gifts received by the Maharajah of the time during her Silver Jubilee in 1940 The Orchard Palace, located in a huge complex of fruit tree gardens, where its name, is a wing of the Palace Huzoor (the current royal residence). The royal garages have a unique collection of cars. Overnight at hotel.
Day 09 Gondal – Sasan Gir
After breakfast, drive to Sasan Gir. In the afternoon safari in the Gir National Park, the last home of the Asiatic lion. This is the only place in the world except Africa, where one can see the lion in its natural habitat. Open since 1965, it covers an area of about 1500 km² of which a quarter is reserved for the protected and endemic fauna: leopards, sambar, chital (spotted deer), nilgai and wild boars and also one of the major habitats Chowsingha (four-horned antelope), wild asses and chinkara (Indian gazelle). Overnight at hotel.
Day 10 Sasan Gir – Somnath – Diu
Morning drive to the temple of Somnath, one of the twelve shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. Continue to Diu, a tiny peninsula in the Arabian Sea off the coast of the Gulf of Cambay. This small enclave offers a mix of sun, beautiful sandy beaches fringed with palm and coconut trees, limestone cliffs and rocky coves lapped by a navy blue sea. The perfect place to relax. Overnight at hotel.
Day 11 Diu
Visit this former Portuguese trading annexed to India in 1961, as further south Goa. We find traces of the colonial past in its architecture and its great churches white Catholics. Not to mention the language, since part of the population speaks Portuguese. The charm of Diu is its size. Human-sized city, it makes you forget the excitement somewhat characteristic of Indian cities. It is easy to discover the island throughout walks. Visit the Fort of Diu, an imposing structure with beautiful views of the sea, of St Paul's Church of St. Francis of Assisi Church and Gangeshwar temple dedicated to Shiva. Overnight at hotel.
Day 12 Diu – Palitana
PalitanaEarly departure for Palitana, originally imperial city later became the capital of the princely state of Palitana. Shatrunjaya hill, overlooking the city, is one of the holiest pilgrimage sites of Jainism with its top 860 intricately carved temples in marble and in nine speakers. They were built by followers over a period of 900 years from the 11th century. Overnight at hotel.
Day 13 Palitana – Bhavnagar

Morning drive to Bhavnagar located in the extreme southeast of the peninsula of Kathiawar. Once the capital of a princely state, Bhavnagar has several lakes and temples. In the afternoon, visit the Takhteshwar temple located on a small hill and offers a beautiful view of the Gulf of Cambay. Then the Gandhi museum that contains countless memories and testimonies of Mahatma Gandhi. In the evening, stroll through the bazaars of the old city. Overnight at hotel.


Day 14 Bhavnagar – Ahmedabad
After breakfast, drive to Ahmedabad. Upon arrival, transfer to the airport for flight to Delhi for the return flight.


You will find below our selection of hotels for this trip. The choice of the type of accommodation is in your hands. You will be able to specify it in your quote.

Suggested Activities

You will find below our suggestion for activities to do throughout your journey. Do not hesitate to contact an advisor Aryavrit Travels for any specific request.

Ayurveda massage

Ayurveda invites us to stay in harmony with nature, in touch with the elements of nature by practicing yoga and meditation which help us to purify and nourish our body and mind. A massage  on the eye  helps to rebalance the body and its functions. Enjoy your visit to the birthplace of Ayurveda to experience a massage in the purest tradition.

Cooking lessons

You fell for tandoori chicken, Kerala fish curry, samosas, the thali, the dal, biryani? Do not leave without having learned to cook these dishes. We offer courses in vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. At the end of the session, you are invited to examine and taste your own the prepared dishes.

Henna session

Mehndi usually refers to the art of drawing with henna on the skin. It is an ephemeral equivalent of tattooing. In Rajasthan, mehndi is an fplk art and it is common for women to get as sophisticated as those of newlyweds drawings. Attend a session to decorate your hands with henna and why not take the opportunity to keep track of your visit!


Immerse yourself in the practice of Yoga and meditation which helps you to know your body and mind. An experienced yoga teacher will teach you the various techniques of "pranayama" (breathing), "asanas" (positions) and 'dhyana' (meditation). A unique opportunity in the purest tradition.

Indian dances

Kathak is a pure narrative and dance, traditional Northern India. Bharata natyam is a form of Indian classical dance from southern India. This is one of the oldest Indian dance. Join us for a dance and mingle the group repeating her graceful gestures. A unique imprint of culture and joy.

Local family

What could be more authentic than sharing a moment with a local family? An opportunity to understand the Indianess from very close which is worth reading several books on India. A unique opportunity to  learn about the customs of your hosts, with whom you share a traditional meal. A moment of conviviality, memorable exchanges that will only add magic to your stay.


Nothing like a visit to the studios of Bollywood to understand why so many Indians dream of living the Bollywood dream. An experience not to be missed on your visit to Mumbai to discover the amazing vitality of Indian cinema.

Cricket match

Catch a game of cricket, a sport that is truly thrill the crowds in India. Unknown in France, cricket crystallizes all the passions in the Indian subcontinent, where millions of fans follow live matches of their national team. The best players are idolized as real stars, like Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev considered one of the best cricketers of all time.

Bike ride

We invite you to immerse in unusual: a bike ride on the roads of India, Nepal and Bhutan. Cycling is a way to meet people, a tool to reach out to the population, which allows you to be closer than at the window of an air conditioned car. Let yourself drift along with your meetings, you will appreciate the paths which reserve surprises, all more enjoyable than the other.

Motorcycle ride

Wander through India or Nepal aboard the legendary Royal Enfield. This breakaway motorcycle delight lovers of nature and you will discover the diversity of landscapes.

Horseback ride

Expect a complete change: in the saddle on the beautiful Marwari horses with amazing earrings shaped like a crescent moon, discover the breathtaking surroundings and go out to meet the locals. A walk to discover treasures, off the beaten path.


Trekking lovers will be amazed by browsing through the valleys of the Himalayas, with fantastic views of the highest mountain in the world and a dive in the Buddhist culture, monasteries preserved villages and several levels of difficulty.

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