Nature and Wildlife in South India - 14 days | 13 nights

Highlights of the programme :
  • The four parks in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
  • Periyar, tropical forest and lake
  • Kumarakom and Ornithological Reserve
  • Cochin, former colonial trading



Day 01 Bangalore

Arrival at Bangalore International Airport. And transfer to the hotel. Overnight at hotel.

Day 02 Bangalore - Mysore
mysire india tourMorning drive to Mysore, the royal city, once one of the most prosperous princely states. The charm of this city lies in its green and especially in his baroque palace that evokes the past splendours of the maharajas. Before arriving in the city, stop at the Chamundi hill overlooking the city to discover the temple of Sri Chamundeshwari erected there 2000 years and dedicated to the patron goddess of the royal family. Then the statue monolith Nandi bull, mythical mount of Shiva, with impressive dimensions. Continue to Mysore. Overnight at hotel. 
Day 03 Mysore - Nagarhole Park
south india wildlife tourRoad to the Nagarhole National Park established in 1955 and was originally used as a natural forest hunting ground for maharajas of Mysore. Today the park covers 640 sq km of shallow valleys and gentle slopes covered with dense forest. It is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The park is home to big cats, big mammals and avian fauna is very well represented, the park providing for habitat and food. Afternoon jeep safari to discover elephants, buffalo, antelopes, tigers and bird watching during a boat ride on the Kabini River. Overnight at hotel.  
Day 04 Nagarhole Park
national park visit indiaSafari day in the park (morning and afternoon). Overnight at hotel.    
Day 05 Nagarhole Park - Park of Wayanad - Nagarhole Park
wildlife safariEstablished in 1973, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala, is adjacent to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur northeast Karnataka and Mudumalai southeast of Tamil Nadu. This quartet preserved primary forests that cover nearly 5 500 km², is home to hundreds of species of mammals (elephants, Bengal tigers, leopards, deer endemic) and no less than 350 varieties of birds. Morning safari in Wayanad Park then back Nagarhole. Overnight at hotel.  
Day 06 Park Nagarhole - Bandipur Park
wildlife safari indiaDeparture for the Bandipur National Park, created in 1931 by the Maharaja of Mysore, which at that time covered only 90 km². Today its area is about 800 km² and is home to one fifth of the Asian elephants and many tigers that we discover in their natural habitat. One can also see the chital (spotted deer), sambar of (the largest Asian deer), langurs monkeys, dholes (Indian wild dog). Bird lovers will be delighted to see endemic species in large numbers. Afternoon jeep safari dance Bandipur Park. Overnight at hotel.   
Day 07 Bandipur Park
wildlife safari indiaSafari day in the park (morning and afternoon). Overnight at hotel.     
Day 08 Parc de Bandipur - Mudumalai Fleet - Fleet Bandipur
wildlife safari indiaDeparture to the National Park & Mudumalai Tiger Reserve which is located on the border of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Just as parks Nagarhole, Bandipur and Wayanad, Mudumalai is in the grounds of the Nilgiri biosphere, the blue mountains. Sextending over 320 km², protected areas are the habitat of species endangered or vulnerable as the Bengal tiger, the Indian bison or Indian leopard. More than two hundred varieties of finsectivorous bird yardstick, carnivore, scavenger,piscivorouset granivore. Afternoon safari in the park. Overnight at hotel.   
Day 09 Park Bandipur - Ooty
ooty south india tourContinue to Ooty, attractive hill station surrounded by mountains covered with thick forests of eucalyptus, plantations of tea and coffee. The road is a long crossing beautiful green mountain landscapes. Ooty, this beautiful resort was once highly prized by the English who have left many marks of their passage: cricket ground, golf clubs, typically English schools. Overnight at hotel.
Day 10 Ooty - Munnar
munnar south india tourAfter a long and winding road through beautiful scenery, arriving in the pretty resort of Munnar one of the main tea production centers in South India. Visit a tea plantation and tea museum tracing the history of this famous drink since 1880. It is the first museum of its kind in India, opened by the Tata company, which includes a true heritage of the origins and the evolution of the plantations. Overnight at hotel.
Day 11 Munnar - Periyar
periyar south india tourA beautiful forest road that winds through the heart of the hills leading to the Periyar National Park, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in the heart of the Nilgiri, the panorama offers beautiful landscapes covered with tea plantations, coffee and spices. In the afternoon, exploration of the reserve: boat ride on the lake, an artificial lake of 26 km² absolutely gorgeous to observe the dense and varied fauna, ride on an elephant. then visiting a spice garden and a pineapple plantation. Overnight at hotel.  
Day 12 Periyar - Kumarakom
cochin south india tourMorning departure for the beautiful Lake Wembanad across the plain of Palai, home to the rice fields of sight and peaceful villages framed by countless coconut. The Wembanad Lake is the largest freshwater lake in India that stretches from Cochin to Alleppey, resulting from the meeting of three rivers. Boat trip on the lake. In the afternoon, visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, heavenly bird sanctuary for the many sedentary species, endemic and migratory it supports. Consisting of mangrove forests, paddy fields, coconut groves, the Reserve serves as nursery, natural habitat and place of reproductions. Overnight at hotel.
Day 13 Kumarakom - Cochin
Drive to Cochin located on a peninsula between the sea and a string of islands. Since ancient times, the port city of Cochin is known to be an important trading center and was a thriving stop on the Silk Road and spices. It is at Cochin, former first Portuguese and Dutch counter that Vasco da Gama made a stop in 1498 and died with the title of Viceroy of Portuguese India. With its old colonial houses, its cathedral and its alleys, it releases this a quaint and quiet charm. Explore the old town known for its bay and the show made major fishing nets, lift nets Chinese. Visit the church St. Francis the first Christian church built in India, the old colonial quarter Mattanchery with its synagogue, the Dutch Palace and the traditional district of spice warehouses. In the late afternoon, representation of a Kathakali dance show, costume drama, song and dance, the themes are drawn from the great Indian epics. Overnight at hotel.
Day 14 Cochin
Transfer to Cochin International airport for the return flight.


You will find below our selection of hotels for this trip. Hotels indicative, subject to availability. The choice of accommodation category belongs to you. You will be able to specify it in your quote.

Ramada Encore Bangalore Domlur - Bangalore

New hotel location. Courteous and pleasant. Spacious, clean and well equipped. Perfect bathrooms.

Sandesh The Prince - Mysore

Positioned close to the Mysore Palace, elegant and modern hotel comfort without surprises. Comfortable, clean and spacious rooms with all amenities. Attentive staff.

Kabini River Lodge - Nagarhole

Large well maintained property in which to wander. Pleasant cottages along the river. Places made for lovers of nature and calm. Cordial and staff present.

Country Club Wild Life Resort - Bandipur

Resort located in the middle of the forest in the Bandipur Park. Cozy and comfortable accommodation. Smiling staff. A return to nature with deer as neighbors.

Sherlock Hotel - Ooty

Comfortable hotel which is close to the hills. Wonderful panoramic view of the tea plantations. Beautiful garden. Staff very nice and helpful. Nice rooms with fireplace.

Swiss County - Munnar

A small hotel located in an  incredible property in the hills of tea plants. The rooms are large and some offer a mini suite with lounge. Courteous, attentive and caring staff. Fine cuisine.

Spice Village Resort - Periyar

Establishment luxury ecolodge. Bungalows scattered in a garden full of spices. Bright, comfortable, clean and spacious rooms. Attentive and efficient. Nice pool.

Paradise Resort - Kumarakom

A quiet resort, small and cozy on the lake. Friendly and smiling staff. Pool overlooking the lake. Spacious and comfortable rooms.

Old Harbour Hotel - Cochin

Hotel in the center of Hospet and enjoyable. Very warm welcome. Bedroom and spacious bathroom. Friendly staff. Pool, spa with massage and Ayurvedic treatments, restaurants available.

Suggested Activities

You will find below our suggestion of activities to do throughout your journey. Do not hesitate to contact a counselor Aryavrit Travels for any specific request.

Ayurveda massage

Ayurveda invites us to stay in harmony with nature, in touch with the elements of nature by practicing yoga and meditation which help us to purify and nourish our body and mind. A massage  on the eye  helps to rebalance the body and its functions. Enjoy your visit to the birthplace of Ayurveda to experience a massage in the purest tradition.

Cooking lessons

You fell for tandoori chicken, Kerala fish curry, samosas, the thali, the dal, biryani? Do not leave without having learned to cook these dishes. We offer courses in vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. At the end of the session, you are invited to examine and taste your own the prepared dishes.

Henna session

Mehndi usually refers to the art of drawing with henna on the skin. It is an ephemeral equivalent of tattooing. In Rajasthan, mehndi is an fplk art and it is common for women to get as sophisticated as those of newlyweds drawings. Attend a session to decorate your hands with henna and why not take the opportunity to keep track of your visit!


Immerse yourself in the practice of Yoga and meditation which helps you to know your body and mind. An experienced yoga teacher will teach you the various techniques of "pranayama" (breathing), "asanas" (positions) and 'dhyana' (meditation). A unique opportunity in the purest tradition.

Film show

Indians like to say that what unites them is a passion for cricket and love of cinema. India is the largest film industry in the world in terms of production and the number of entries. Attend the screening of a film, it's a unique experience and share a moment of jubilation.

Kathakali show

Kathakali is a form of traditional dance and theater sacred native of Kerala. Appeared in the seventeenth century, it showcases stories from the Mahabharata, Ramayana and Puranas, and great epics of Hindu mythology. Kathakali is different from other traditional dances by the complexity of its costumes and extravagant make-up dancers. Show not to be missed!

Local family

What could be more authentic than sharing a moment with a local family? An opportunity to understand the Indianess from very close which is worth reading several books on India. A unique opportunity to  learn about the customs of your hosts, with whom you share a traditional meal. A moment of conviviality, memorable exchanges that will only add magic to your stay.

Bike ride

We invite you to immerse in unusual: a bike ride on the roads of India, Nepal and Bhutan. Cycling is a way to meet people, a tool to reach out to the population, which allows you to be closer than at the window of an air conditioned car. Let yourself drift along with your meetings, you will appreciate the paths which reserve surprises, all more enjoyable than the other.

Motorcycle ride

Wander through India or Nepal aboard the legendary Royal Enfield. This breakaway motorcycle delight lovers of nature and you will discover the diversity of landscapes.

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