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Kite Festival – Jaipur , Jodhpur

Date: 15 January 2024

On January 14 every year, we celebrate Makar Sankranti. It is the only Indian festival celebrated on a fixed calendric day of the solar calendar. Since many years, the cities- Jodhpur and Jaipur have been hosting Kite Festival on Makar Sankranti with great fervor. The main attribute of the festival is the show of ‘diversity’ in all aspects. Kites all shapes and sizes are seen in the sky and the main competition is to cut the strings of nearby kite flyers and bring it down. For this purpose people intend to make their strings and sharp as possible, to give a tough fight to its opponent flyer. The special kite strings are coated with the mixture of glass and glue called as ‘manjha’. Bright and colourful kites in striking shapes and unusual designs, some never seen before, would dot the sunny sky of Rajasthan on 14 January

Rann Utsav, Gujarat

Date: 26 October 2023 – 20 February 2024

Organized by the Department of Tourism of Gujarat during the full moon in winter, Kutch festival offers a unique opportunity to witness the creative ingenuity of the artisans of the region. A carnival of colors, folk music, dances, shows and processions enveloping the arid lands of Kutch. Tents are made available to tourists to fully enjoy these magical moments to the desert. It rocks!

Nagaur Festival, Rajasthan

Date: 11 November 2023 to 19 November 2023

Nagaur festival is after Pushkar, the second largest festival of Rajasthan. Turbaned Rajasthanis come from throughout the region to the great cattle fair. They value their horses, donkeys, bulls and camels, which are the subject of an incredible grooming: real hair sculptures, graphic designs for dyeing, ceremonial harness. As in Pushkar, the villagers wear the most colorful clothes: turbans for men, skirts and saris and veils for women.

Festival of Holi, India

Date: 24 March 2024 – 25 March 2024

Holi, sometimes called the festival of colors, is a Hindu festival celebrated in the spring. Celebrated throughout India for two days, Holi is a time for children and adults to use water spray and powder of all colors. The night of the first day of the festival, a fire is lit to remind the cremation of Holika. The second day, dressed in white, people enjoy around with color pigments and pounce on each other in a highly charged atmosphere. Come mingle with the crowd! An experience not to be missed.

Ganesh Chaturthi, Maharashtra

Date: 19 September 2023

Ganesh Chaturthi is an Indian festival in which Ganesh, the elephant-headed god, son of Shiva and the god of wisdom, is revered. This festival is particularly popular in the state of Maharashtra. Plaster statues of all sizes will be honored and carried in procession for three days with music percussion, then immersed the last day we built. In Mumbai, they all converge towards Chowpatty Beach. Traditional dances and songs accompany the ceremony.

Teej festival in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Date: 19 August 2023

Festival dedicated to the Goddess Parvati, commemorating her union with Shiva, Teej is also celebrating the arrival of the monsoon as expected after a hot summer. A procession consisting of thousands of devotees started the Royal Palace and the old city of winds Jaipur for two consecutive days. The festival offers a unique opportunity to witness the creative ingenuity of the artisans of the region. A carnival of colors, folk music, dancing and entertainment.