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Bapu Bazar Timing Jaipur

Bapu Bazar Timing Jaipur – 10 AM to 11 PM market open for shopping.

Jaipur is the state capital city of Indian state of Rajasthan; it is located at a distance of 250 km New Delhi national capital city of India. Jaipur is famous for its heritage, culture, historical monuments & jewellery. The main tourist attraction in Jaipur is believed to be its colorful & vast local market. Wandering aimlessly in between beautiful array of local shops is not less than a boon for tourists; Jaipur is known as Pinkcity because of symmetrical buildings & shops painted in pink color. Moving through these markets makes wanderer able to get a glimpse of local culture, history & world’s best handicrafts & jewelry. Jaipur is famous across the globe for its exceptional jewelry & handicrafts items; jaipuri bhandej cloths hold a distinctive place in world of fabrics. Jaipuri quilts are the brightest star in sky of craftsmanship; weighing just 100 grams these quilts has proven their beauty worldwide over a long period of time.

Among all the local markets Bapu Bazar holds a distinctive place in al local markets of Jaipur. Bapu Bazar is famous for handicrafts, clothes especially ethnic wear, jaipuri bhandej & traditional shoes calleds as “jooti or mojari”. Bapu Bazar is also famous as joint for mehandi or heena art; there are many street side joints which offers the true & authentic mehandi art, local & tourist ladies can be observed in Bapu Bazar indulge in mehandi art, shopping & treating their tasting buds with the lip smacking Indian snacks served on a number of local eating joints.

Bapu Bazar is very famous among the locals also because of a very large variety of products available in this market. Bapu Bazar among those few places which caters both modern & heritage fashion at same pace on same time. Bapu Bazar is located adjacent to Sanganeri Gate (one of the major gate at security wall of Jaipur security) & very well connected to all parts of city. Local taxis & public transport options are easily available to reach here. So, guys just not forget to take stroll in this fashion hub of Jaipur known as Bapu Bazar on your next visit to the lovely city: Jaipur.

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