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Best Beaches in Mumbai

Mumbai, known as India’s bustling metropolis, surprises visitors with its scenic coastal stretches and inviting beaches. Prominent among them is Juhu Beach, a bustling destination offering vibrant street food and a lively atmosphere. Versova Beach, known for its tranquil setting, provides a welcome escape from the city’s hustle. Aksa Beach, situated in Malad, entices with its serene ambiance and expansive shoreline. Meanwhile, the lesser-known Madh Island Beach offers a secluded retreat, perfect for those seeking a quieter coastal experience. Each beach in Mumbai has its unique character, reflecting the city’s dynamic spirit and providing residents and visitors alike with diverse options for relaxation and enjoyment by the Arabian Sea. Explore more – Best time to visit Maharashtra.

List of Beaches in Mumbai

Best Beaches in Mumbai – Mumbai is the capital of Indian state of Maharashtra and is a coastal city. With the beautiful Arabian Sea in the west, this city has got some very beautiful beaches. Some of the Best Beaches in Mumbai are listed below:

Ø Gorai Beach: Gorai Beach is considered as one of the picnic spots of Mumbai. Due to it’s easy accessibility from Borivali area of Mumbai city this beach witnesses a high number of footfalls. The water at Gorai Beach is clean & an array of nice resorts, eating points serving delicious food is present. There are many good resorts nearby on Uttan road which are ideal for overnight stays. It is one of the most loved beaches of Mumbai. Horse ride, camel ride & boat rides are other attractions of this beach.

Ø Juhu Beach: Juhu is the most famous beach of the city of Mumbai. It is considered as one of the most popular location in all of Mumbai. This beautiful beach is a home of many celebrities in India. Juhu Beach has the most scenic view of Arabian Sea and because of the elite population residing near the beach, this beach is referred as the Beverly Hills Of Bollywood.

Ø Aksa Beach: Aksa Beach is situated in the Malad area of Mumbai city. This beach witnesses some of the highest tides than any other beach in Mumbai. The sound of waves entertains the visitors to this beautiful beach. Food stalls serving lip smacking local fast food like bhelpuri, pao bhaji are scattered all around the beach.

Ø Marve Beach: Marve Beach is in Malad area of Mumbai city, reaching here is very easy as the public transport facility is available. Unlike other beaches or places of Mumbai, this beach is yet to be commercialized however food in nearby hotels is good. Fresh sea food is available in the hotels on the beach which can set the new threshold levels of anyone’s taste buds.

Ø Madh Island Beach: This beach is famous for its cleanliness & lavish parties of elites in Mumbai. Madh fort & Saint Bonaventure church are some of the attractions of this beach. The Koli(fishermen) community is in majority residents in the vicinity of this beach and this makes it possible for tourists to experience the life of fishermen which can be a once in a lifetime experience.

Ø Girgaum Chowpatty Beach: Chowpatty beach is one of the most famous and live beaches of Mumbai. The prepossessing sight of the Malabar hills in the background of the Chowpatti beach absolutely delight the tourists . This beach is also popular as the idols of Lord Ganesha are immersed here during Ganesh festival which is one of the widely celebrated festivals in India. Chowpatty is also known for its street food served here and which considered as the most delicious street food in India. Pao Bhaji, ragda patties, vada pao ( Indian fast food) are very famous.

Ø Kalamb Beach: Kalamb beach is an isolated beach on the Ahmedabad highway in Nala Sapora area of Mumbai. Unlike other beaches of Mumbai, it is a bit less crowded. Clean water, dark sand is something which can easily make fall for this hidden gem beach of Mumbai. Hotels, eateries & tranquility of this beach makes it a paradise for picnic lovers and because of the serene environment , it is one of the favorite beaches for the couples. Nirmal Railway station is nearly 7 km from here. By road, the distance from Mumbai is 70 km however driving to this beach is worthy because of beautiful views along the road that one gets to see.

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