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Places to Visit In Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a hill station in Sirohi district of Indian state of Rajasthan; it is crowned as the only hill station of Rajasthan with highest point Gurushikar at an altitude of 5,650 feet. It is located at a distance of nearly 500 km from state capital city of Jaipur & 163 km from the major city of Udaipur- a top tourist destination. Mount Abu was home for the British officers in summers of Rajasthan. For centuries tourists from Rajasthan & Gujarat are visiting Mount Abu to retreat from the harsh summers of the region. Because of very well connected roads & proximity to a major tourist destination like Udaipur the tourist footfall has been increased dramatically in Mount Abu. There are tourist attractions listed below:

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List of Places To Visit In Mount Abu

Nakki Jheel: Nakki Lake is situated in the center of hill station Mount Abu, about 800 meters long & 300 meters broad with a depth of nearly 25 feet. Nakki Lake is considered holy by Hindus as it is believed that it was dug by the nakh (word for the nail in Sanskrit) of god. Another legend suggests that the king announced that if anyone who would dig a lake in one night king would marry his daughter to him, eventually a demon named as Rasiya Balam dug the lake with his nails but king’s wife refused to marry her daughter to a demon hence the princesses remained bachelor for rest of her life; two temples dedicated to both the demon & the princesses are present here. Boat riding in Nakki Lake is famous among tourists; boating experience in this lake is quite different as the lake is surrounded by hills & creates a majestic view ending into a delightful experience.

Gurushikhar Point: Gurushikhar is the highest point of the Indian state of Rajasthan; located at a distance of 11 km from the town of Mount Abu. The scenic beauty of the barren land of Rajasthan can be witnessed which could be a lifetime experience for tourists. Legends suggest that the name Gurushikhar is in the honor of Sage Dattatreya (believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu); Gurushikhar literally means “Peak of Guru”. Breathtaking views are just another USP of this fantastic place. Peace, tranquility & closeness to nature are key factors which attract tourists to this place from across the globe.

Sunset Point: Sunset Point in Mount Abu is considered as the best place to witness the mesmerizing sunset in all of Rajasthan State. One can witness different shades of the sun from this point. The sunsets here in a very picturesque way.

Dilwara Jain temples: Dilwara Jain temples are famous for the beauty of temple & the ultimate craftsmanship of marble carving. The dilwara Jain temple is an example of exceptionally beautiful marble structures. It was built by Vimal Shah in the 11th century, the chief designers of this masterpiece were Vastapul-Tejpal. There are 5 temples namely:

  • Vimal Vasahi: Vimal Vasahi temple is dedicated to first Jain Thirthankar Rishabdev ji it was built by Vimal Shah (a minister of Chaulukya kings from Gujarat) in 1031. This complex is completely constructed using white marble of finest quality, it is standing on the mystically carved pillars of marble surrounded by courtyards & elephants of marble. The ceiling of this temple depicts the important incidents from Jain mythology. The main deity in this temple is of Lord Adinath also known as Lord Rishabdev.
  • Luna Vasahi: Luna Vasahi temple is dedicated to Lord Neminath (the 22nd Thirthankar according to Jain mythology), it was built by 2 minister brothers of Vaghela rulers of Gujarat named as Vastupal & Tejpal in the year 1230. The name Luna Vasahi is kept in the memory of their late brother named as Luna. The main attraction of this temple is a circular band of 72 depictions of Jain Thirthankars in sitting position & 360 Jain monks of smaller shape sitting in a circular pattern. Also, there is a pillar of black stone built in this temple which was built by a Hindu Rajput King known as Maharana Kumbha of the princely state of Mewar.
  • Mahavir Swami Temple: Mahavir Swami temple is a famous Jain pilgrim point which is situated in Mount Abu.
  • Pithalhar Temple: The word “Pithal” in name Pithalhar Temple means brass which is because of the massive idol of Lord Adinath made up of 5 metals constituting brass as the main constituent. The temple was built by Bhima Shah a minister of Sultan Begada of Ahmedabad. This is the temple which was lefty unfinished because of some unknown reasons, the however major portion was constructed. It is also mentioned here that the original idol was mutilated & then replaced by new one in the year 1468-1469.
  • Parshavnath Temple: It is the tallest among all 5 temples in Dilawara, this 3 storied complex was constructed by Mandlik & his family in 1458. This temple is dedicated to Lord Parshavnath (the 23rd Thirthankar according to Jain mythology), it is also known as chomukha temple because it is open from all 4 directions hence creating 4 Mukha (face).

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Things To Do In Mount Abu

The best things to do in Mount Abu include visits to sightseeing, cycling expedition, elephant safari, enjoy the cultural evening and gala dinner, Shopping, eat delicious Rajasthani cuisine, Light and sound show, movie and many more.

Fairs And Festivals Of Mount Abu

Fair & Festival in Mount Abu plays a vital role.

How To Reach Mount Abu

Mount Abu, located in the Aravalli Range in the Sirohi district of Rajasthan, India, is accessible by various means of transportation. Here’s how you can reach Mount Abu:

By Air

The nearest airport to Mount Abu is Maharana Pratap Airport, also known as Dabok Airport, in Udaipur, Rajasthan. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or use other local transport options to reach Mount Abu, which is approximately 185 kilometers away.

By Road

  • From Delhi: Mount Abu is approximately 765 kilometers away from Delhi. You can either drive or take a bus from Delhi to Mount Abu. Several private and state-run buses operate on this route.
  • From Jaipur: Mount Abu is approximately 500 kilometers away from Jaipur. You can drive or take a bus from Jaipur to Mount Abu.
  • From Ahmedabad: Mount Abu is around 220 kilometers away from Ahmedabad. You can drive or take a bus from Ahmedabad to Mount Abu.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Mount Abu is Abu Road Railway Station, which is well-connected to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur. From Abu Road Railway Station, you can take a taxi, bus, or private vehicle to reach Mount Abu, which is around 27 kilometers away.

By Bus:

Mount Abu is well-connected by road to major cities in Rajasthan and neighboring states. Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) and private operators run regular bus services to Mount Abu from cities like Udaipur, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Jodhpur.

Best Time To Visit In Mount Abu

Best time to visit in Mount Abu is winter season. This time starts from starting of November and End of March