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Pushkar Tourism – Sightseeing Places To Visit In Pushkar

Pushkar is a town in Ajmer district of the Indian state of Rajasthan located 15 km Ajmer city center & 150 km from Jaipur capital city of Rajasthan. Pushkar is believed to be the oldest town in the history of mankind, legends suggest that once Lord Bramha (creator of the universe) dropped lotus flower from one his hand. The place where that flower dropped a lake was formed this lake is present till today & considered as the holiest lake by Hindus. Another legend suggests that once Lord Bramha planned to perform mahayajna to create world, he found Pushkar as the best suitable place for this performance. Hence a lake is formed to facilitate the holy ritual of mahayajna. Some mythological incidents took place during this whole process which ultimately led to anger of Lord Bramha’s consort Savitri which ultimately resulted in a curse that Pushkar will be only place in the universe where Lord Bramha will be worshipped, hence Pushkar is the only place in the world where Lord Bramha is worshipped; making Pushkar very unique & important destination for Hindu pilgrims.
The centuries-old lake city has very distinguished architectural & cultural significance on the world tourism map. World famous Pushkar fair adds another dimension to Pushkar; this fair is considered as the world’s largest camel fair & paradise of photographers, people who tend to peep into the authentic Rajasthani culture – Rajasthan Tourism.

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Some of the tourist attractions in Pushkar are as following:

Pushkar Fair: Pushkar fair is world famous not for only the cattle but for the vibrant colors of Rajasthani culture & vibes which is spread all over fair. Presence of over 1,00,000 cattle, 5,00,000 people & 33 million gods makes this fair a land of mystical beauty & positive vibes. Pushkar fair is conducted from 11th day to 15th day (full moon) of Kartik month of Hindu calendar falling generally in the month of October-November in Gregorian calendar.

Bramha Temple: Bramha Temple in Pushkar holds an importance in the Hindus as it is the only place where is Lord Bramha worshipped & a deity is installed in a temple; according to Hindu mythology Bramha temple was built from the starting of the human race but today’s building is believed to be 2000 years. Unique red pinnacle & hamsa bird motif creates a curiosity among the people visiting this temple.

Pushkar Lake: Pushkar Lake is designated as Teerthraj which means King of pilgrimage sites in Hindu religion; it holiest among the 5 holy lakes in Hinduism. It is believed that this lake was formed by the petal of lotus flower fallen from the hand of Lord Bramha; “pushp” is a word for flower & “kar” is a word for hand in Sanskrit hence this place got its name Pushkar. The lake is surrounded by 52 bathing ghats & hundreds of temples creating a very beautiful view of the lake area. Cafes & eating joints around the lake are very popular among the tourists landing in Pushkar.

Camel Safari: When in Rajasthan it becomes mandatory for every tourist to feel the ride of camel- ship of the desert. Here in Pushkar, there are many options in Pushkar which allows tourists to ride a camel in the terrain of Great Sahara Desert. Camel safari takes tourists to witness the life in a traditional Rajasthani village, mesmerizing sunsets & sunsets in terrains of world’s oldest mountain range- Aravali mountain range. Beautiful sand dunes, paddy fields, crops fields create a picturesque location, hence creating a heaven for nature lovers & photography enthusiasts. Camel safari is conducted in two ways either one can ride on the back of a camel or a ride in a cart attached to camel just like a bullock cart.

Hot air balloon ride: Experiencing the hot air balloon ride in Pushkar is something which can’t be ignored by any serious traveller especially during Pushkar fair time it is the best thing to-do in Pushkar. Bird’s eye view of the magnificent fair raises the bar for other mesmerizing views across the globe. Morning breeze here in Pushkar is considered as best for hot air balloon ride.

Rose farms: Pushkar is known as Rose garden of Rajasthan; in a land with such water scarcity rose farming is not less than a miracle. Gulkand (sweet preserve of rose petals) is a specialty of Pushkar famous internationally for its aroma & unique taste which is developed by the local artists using the oldest methods to prepare Gulkand. Taking a walk through these rose farms & embracing their beauty is a lifetime experience. Tourists feel the aroma & mystical views of rose farms, after that witness the making of Gulkand.

Camping: It is universally accepted fact that camping in between nowhere is an experience which every dedicated traveller wants to explore at least once in a lifetime; Pushkar serves this luxury to the tourists holidaying in Pushkar. There are companies which offer the camping facility in the outskirts of Pushkar town which enables tourists to gaze at beautiful endless terrains & sleep under the sky filled with stars.

Man Mahal: Man Mahal was built by King Sawai Man Singh I from Kachwah dynasty of Amber state. This is considered as a gorgeous palace in all Pushkar. This was built by Man Singh I to restore the glory of Pushkar which was ruined by continuous attacks of Muslim invaders. It is the largest royal building in Pushkar built as the guest house for King Sawai Man Singh I. Man Mahal is a fine example of Rajasthani & Mughal architecture. The palace is located on the banks of Pushkar Lake.

Nag Pahar: Nag Pahar is a hill standing between Pushkar & Ajmer city; Nag Pahar literally means “snake mountain”. Legends suggest that it was home for one of the most celebrated sages in Hindu mythology, Sage Agastya. There are folklores which suggest that Nag Pahar is declining on daily basis & on the judgment day it will be fully collapsed. Also, it is suggested by Hindu mythology that son of Lord Bramha named as Vatu used to live here after being cursed by Sage Chayavan. Apart from its religious & mythological importance, the hilltop is the place worth visiting because of breathtaking views of Pushkar especially during Pushkar fair as one is able to observe whole Pushkar along with lake & fair venue from this hilltop; the nicest thing in Pushkar for photographers & small trekking lovers.

Things To Do In Pushkar

The best things to do in Pushkar include visits to sightseeing, cycling expedition, elephant safari, enjoy cultural evening and gala dinner, Shopping, eat delicious Rajasthani cuisine, Light and sound show, movie and many more.

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Best Time To Visit In Pushkar

Best time to visit in Pushkar is winter season. This time starts from starting of November and End of March