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Jaipur Pink city

Read the story of Jaipur The Pink city, Area, and Map of the old city, Best shopping places to visit in Jaipur Pink city. Visit the historical city of Rajasthan, India.

The existence of human beings on the planet earth has seen men living on trees, in caves, in open air, in huts and other habitats. With the evolution of human brain and effort human beings started living in small communities then in bigger communities which came to be known as villages, towns and further resulted in the existence of modern cities. More the refined brain and more advanced were the techniques in town planning along the time.

All the countries of the world have some exquisite, beautiful cities where the tourists have been thronging in large numbers. The existence and evolution of town planning in India is very ancient. The Indus valley civilization which existed in the Indian subcontinent 5000 years ago had very excellent features of town planning architecture. One of the features which archaeologists found at Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa found that the streets were very wide even during those days and were rectangular, cutting and meeting one another at rectangles. The big streets were sub divided into smaller streets which were also straight and rectangular. The houses on both sides of the roads had excellent ventilation and a good number of windows opening in the main streets giving the right amount of sunlight and fresh air to the people living inside.

Jaipur Pink walled City Plan

When Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh 2nd  of Amber decided to have a new capital for his state he interested his knowledgeable friend Rao Vidyadhar to prepare a blue print of the project of a new capital – Jaipur. Rao Vidyadhar was a man of letters, a versatile personality who had a very extensive and deep understanding of architecture. Rao Vidyadhar had some very fine ideas in his mind about the shape and size of the new capital which was to be known as Jaipur.

He studied the ancient treaties on architecture of Hindu culture and religion. He had a great admiration for the town planners of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa and he adopted the salient features of Harappan  town planning while designing the city of Jaipur. He even mixed the main features of astronomical architecture in the planning the pink city.  From centuries tourists from all parts of the world have been coming to Jaipur to feel the architectural magic created by Rao Vidyadhar and Anand Ram Mistry and remain mesmerised by the airs and scents of this beautiful city.

Jaipur Market – Best shopping markets or  bazaars like Johari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar Market, Nehru Bazaar, Indra Market, MI Road market and Tripolia Bazaar.

Jaipur old city – Painted in pink color known as the pink city, due to its high concentration of pink-colored sandstone historical architecture & heritage building, Easily to visit and not too big, it’s a good place weekend holiday.

Jaipur Map – Jaipur city map for visitors, Get an idea about the Jaipur tourist places, the map is given below.