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Explore the vibrant and culturally rich celebrations of the famous Mysore Dussehra Festival in India. Known for its royal procession and historical significance, this annual event is a must-visit during your tour to India. Experience the essence of “Incredible India” as you witness the grand processions, and traditional rituals that make Mysore Dussehra a truly spectacular celebration.

Mysore Dushera Festival 2024

Mysore Dushera Festival 2024 Date – 12 Ocotober.

Dushera is a major festival celebrated by Hindus; however Dushera is celebrated across Indian peninsula but there are places which are famous for their unique style of celebrating this festival boosting the spirit of truth win over evil force; one of such place is city of Mysore in Indian state of Karnataka.

Unlike other parts of country, there are no giant effigies of demon king Ravan burning or immersion of idols of Godddess Durga, here in Mysore a procession is organized by the former royal family of princely state of Mysore. The history of this procession is a 500 years old tradition started by Vijanagar dynasty kings. Under the Mughal rule the celebration was banned by invading muslim king, it was Wodeyar kings of Mysore who started the celebration again in the year 1610. Apart from its great religious significance this celebration also symbolizes the victory & self respect for people of Mysore.

Every corner of Mysore city is lit up & exhibition of royalty of Mysore royal family is flaunted on the roads of Mysore. It is like more like a carnival but with cultural & religious importance & dignity. Well trained elephants decorated royally & paraded in a very mystic way showcasing utmost discipline, watching this parade can be once in a lifetime experience.